Virtual Front Page, Wednesday, Feb. 9, 2011

Sorry I haven’t done this the last couple of days, but I’ve been too rushed. I really want to do it, and some of you seem to like it, but… Anyway, here’s today’s:

  1. Frankfurt Exchange in Talks to Take Over N.Y.S.E. (NYT) — Say what? Ze Germans, taking over Wall Street? I thought we won the warHere’s more, from the WSJ.
  2. Egypt demonstrators widen protest (BBC) —
  3. SC House passes tort reform with damages cap ( — Not many details yet on this; sorry. Also lacking in details is this report that the House has voted to ban caffeinated alcoholic beverages. Fine. Why would I want my beer and my coffee at the same time, anyway? Stupid kids: Coffee is for morning; beer is for evening. Watch me; I’m going to run home soon and have one.
  4. US terror suspect pleads guilty (BBC) — Hey, don’t come whining to me about profiling! You could tell this guy was a terrorist by looking at him. And how about that wacky furrin name: Daniel Boyd…
  5. Republicans grill Bernanke over inflation (WashPost) — Mind you, that’s not what the WashPost is leading with. They’re leading with this trite who’s-up-who’s-down partisan political development — which actually won’t even develop until 2012. But since I don’t give a flying flip which of these worthless parties controls the Senate (which is the only reason anyone who doesn’t live in Virginia would care), it’s not making MY front. I put no stock in politics that’s none of my business as a South Carolinian. I’ve got enough to stress over right here.
  6. Winter weather advisory issued for Midlands ( — Yeah, but will it amount to anything that sticks or makes the roads slick? If not, let’s be cool about this, people, and not bring the world to a screeching halt. Again.

3 thoughts on “Virtual Front Page, Wednesday, Feb. 9, 2011

  1. Kathryn Fenner (D- SC)

    The deal with caffeinated alcoholic beverages is not talking about Irish coffee–the malt beverages are sweet and go down easily (in my case, probably come back up easily, too, but that’s just me) and pack the alcohol wallop, per can, or 4 or so regualt cans, and the caffeine dramatically increases the effects, in not totally predictable ways. Very dangerous drinks, I’m told.

  2. bud

    I put no stock in politics that’s none of my business as a South Carolinian. I’ve got enough to stress over right here.

    That makes zero sense. Of course it matters who gets elected to the senate from Virginia. The votes count the same no matter who elects them. I just don’t follow your logic on this at all.

    Your point about this being too soon to get worked up about the 2012 election is valid however. That election will come down to one number: The Bureau of Labor Statistics unemployment rate that is released in September 2012. Absolutely nothing else will matter.

  3. bud

    This would make my headline list. Funny how Iraq has become the forgotten quagmire. Let’s never forget what a tragic mistake that was:

    BAGHDAD – Iraqi police opened fire on Thursday to disperse hundreds of angry residents protesting against shortages of power, water and other services near the southern city of Diwaniya, wounding three, officials said.


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