Your Virtual Front Page, Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Well, I don’t know about you, but the Ides of March were fairly uneventful for me. I was smart, though — I stayed away from the Senate, even though I had received no note from Artemidorus. Here’s what did happen today:

  1. Fire Reignites at Troubled Reactor; Japanese Struggle to Gain Control (NYT) — That pretty much states that part of the drama — the part that’s still happening. Meanwhile, there are some sobering stories about the profound effects of what’s already happened, such as this one from the NYT and this one in the WashPost. But for something a little brighter, here’s a good-news story about the Chinese response.
  2. Buyers Creep In Amid Broad Market Tumult (WSJ) — Just in case you thought all the negative effects were over there. Japan is really shaking up world markets.
  3. Gadhafi Forces Push Libyan Rebels to Brink (WSJ) — While the world is largely distracted…
  4. Two killed in Bahrain violence despite martial law (BBC) — And this one continues to worry me, with Saudi troops in the country and people getting killed as Bahrainis protest… Getting way scarier than in the pictures I’ve shown you from before the Saudis went in.
  5. House again refuses to increase state workers’ insurance costs ( — Probably haven’t heard the end of that, though.
  6. SCANA undeterred by Japanese nuclear failures (CRBR) — I keep meaning to write a post on this topic, and I’ve been collecting some string on it, but haven’t gotten to it yet. I will. Far too soon to conclude anything, of course, but it’s obviously an important Energy Party topic right now.

8 thoughts on “Your Virtual Front Page, Tuesday, March 15, 2011

  1. Joanne

    I’ll be curious to see your reaction to the more-than-likely front page story on the Nikster replacing one of the most successful South Carolinians…ever?… on the USC BOT.

    Is this some sort of hari-kari? Political gamesmanship? Highly intelligent checkmate?


  2. Brad

    No, Vincent would not have replaced Darla Moore with an unknown, minor campaign contributor in such a prestigious post.

    If that’s what you’re asking.

  3. bud

    Did the governor give some explaination as to why she appointed a big doner to replace the very generous Darla Moore? Was she afraid Moore was too influential? It just seems like when someone gives the university $70million it should at least warrant a justification when that person is canned.

  4. Bart

    I think everyone in the entire state except for the new trustee is scratching their head over this one.

    Pardon my plain english – “Pretty damn stupid!”

    This makes absolutely no sense at all. Political Suicide 101.

  5. Joanne

    Aspiring politicians…aspiring gubernatorial candidates,

    This is the penultimate “How NOT to..” on politics playing out in SC.

    Watch carefully. There are more tricks coming, I’m quite sure.

    And, no, I don’t think Vincent would have replaced someone like Darla Moore with a donor. Not at all. But then we will never know, will we? At least not for about three more years.

    God help us.

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