Your Virtual Front Page, Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Here are the most important news items I know about at this hour. Again, we’re talking Japan, Libya and Bahrain:

  1. US raises alarm over Japan atomic crisis (BBC) — While Tokyo is trying to control the situation, the U.S. is suggesting it needs to do more.
  2. Qaddafi Forces Attack Rebel Stronghold in West (NYT) — Rebels claim some gains, but the initiative seems to remain with the bad guy.
  3. Bahrain Forces Drive Out Protesters (WSJ) — This one continues to be nasty, and scary. Several were killed.
  4. CIA contractor Raymond Davis freed after ‘blood money’ payment (WashPost) — Well, I guess that’s one way to settle it.
  5. Haley dumps Moore (The State) — Yep, both of these SC stories (this one and the one that follows) are old now, but I didn’t have them in time for yesterday’s page, so they’re making this one.
  6. Hospital: No one here filled out application for Haley ( — The developing story of how the governor, in 2007, apparently told a prospective employer that she made $125,000, but told the IRS her pay was $22,000.

8 thoughts on “Your Virtual Front Page, Wednesday, March 16, 2011

  1. tired old guy

    please notice that one of triki pikki nikki’s references was a lobbyist principal!

    Individual Reports
    Lobbyist’s Principal Report Index
    Search Results for Ben Arnold-Sunbelt Beverage Company of SC Report Type Date Filed Filing Period Version
    01/19/2011 2010, June 1 – December 31 Original
    01/06/2011 2011 Original
    07/08/2010 2010, January 1 – May 31 Original
    01/14/2010 2009, June 1 – December 31 Original
    01/14/2010 2010 Original
    06/25/2009 2009, January 1 – May 31 Original
    06/05/2009 2009 Amendment 1
    01/05/2009 2009 Original

  2. Virginia

    When will SC act as a “sovereign” state and take responsibility? Recall, run this trogladite-in- pearls with entourage out.This is fraud, incompetance and btw cui bono? This is a shakedown…

  3. Doug Ross

    If the Lt. Gov resigns (which he should based on the evidence available so far), what is the order of succession?

    It was rumored that Sanford was allowed to stay in office because it would have kicked Glenn McConnell or someone else who really has power into the Lt. Gov slot. Does the same apply here?

  4. Libb

    I watched Haley on the evening news last night denying she had anything to do with the application document…nothing, zip, nada. And she expects us to believe that? Mind boggling.

  5. Rose

    Is there a list of Haley’s replacements thus far? I saw on South Carolina Soapbox that the chair of the Patriots Point board has been replaced by……another “evil” trial lawyer, Ray Chandler, from Manning! This one specializes in personal injury, drug and DUI cases. He flew Haley around the state on his personal place during the final weeks of the general election!

  6. Steven Davis

    Doug, I think McConnell will resign as President Pro Tem for one day, the Senate will elect Jake Knotts who will then be bumped to Lt. Governor.

    Then once Haley is booted out of office Jakie will be appointed Governor for the remainder of her term and John Stewart and Stephen Colbert will each die from laugh induced heart attacks.

    It makes me proud to consider myself a citizen of one of the other 49 states who is currently residing in SC. I feel for those who consider themselves South Carolinians.


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