Nekkid woman on the corner in Colatown

WIS says this picture was taken by Jessica Saleeby.

The problem with PETA is…

OK, one of the problems with PETA is… they’re so desperate to get your attention that you miss the point they’re trying to make.

Such as today, when a young woman showered naked on a corner in Five Points. Here’s a report from WIS:

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) – Two women from the group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals are showering nude on a street corner in Columbia today to highlight how they believe consuming water and adopting a vegan lifestyle helps the environment.

The naked women are showering behind a banner that reads, “Clean Your Conscience: Go Vegan! 1 lb. of Meat Equals 6 Months of Showers” at lunchtime in the heart of Five Points on Thursday.

PETA says it wants consumers to know that the best way to conserve water and to help the environment is to go vegan.

According to the group, going vegan is an “easy way to cut down on personal water usage, and it’s the best thing that anyone can do to help stop animal suffering.”…

No, it never explains the connection between meat and showering. So, the point is lost. There’s probably some sort of explanation somewhere, but we don’t know what it is at this point…

But hey, did you hear there was a naked chick on the corner in Five Points today?…

21 thoughts on “Nekkid woman on the corner in Colatown

  1. Brad

    You can learn a lot by looking at the photo. For instance, the very first thing I noticed was that the shower curtain was opaque…

  2. Mab

    Who drew the chalk line? Who will enforce it? Is that a habit or a burka or just a hot ugly dress hanging there on the rack?

    There is no water, but if there was she would be showering in her own stink month after month after month after month after month after month (6 months).

  3. Bryan Caskey

    I’ve got no beef with the folks who go vegan for purely health reasons. (You see what I did there?)

    But the political vegans (PETA) are just wacky. I’ve always wondered what PETA thinks about animals (besides humans) who eat other animals? Are they doing anything about those dastardly grizzly bears who perch in the rivers and catch the salmon who are gamely trying to jump upstream to spawn? What about the polar bears that everyone thinks are super-cute? Are we going to air-drop them some soy-based seals?

    I’m just trying to be part of the circle of life when I eat a tasty rib-eye. But keep up the shower-scenes on the street corners, PETA, that’s always good entertainment.

    Also, did anyone else find it funny that the “Grilled Teriyaki” sign is in the background of the photo?

  4. Doug Ross

    If I were in Columbia now, I’d stand on the edge of the circle wearing a fur coat, eating a Big Mac, and kicking my dog. See if I could draw her out.

  5. bud

    Poor PETA. They started out with such a noble idea to simply call attention to the senseless cruelty of raising animals in horid condition simply to be slaughtered to make coats. I do find their core message appealing: “Let’s not be cruel to animals”.

  6. Tim

    Geez, Doug,
    Really. You would kick your own dog. What did your dog do? I know you were making an absurd point, but that sounds a little odd. I think you would make PETA look good by comparison.

  7. Norm Ivey

    The explanation is that raising cattle for beef production requires an enormous amount of energy–from producing feed for the cattle to energy used in butchering and transporting the animal. It takes far less energy to produce plant foodstuffs and consume them directly without the middleman in bovine form. Whether the amount of energy is equivalent to 6 months of showers, I don’t know. She doesn’t make clear that the way beef is raised in America can be pretty cruel to the animals, which I think is what she’s trying to say.

    I don’t get going to extremes (as in becoming vegan). I try to go without meat one or two days a week to reduce my own energy consumption, but I don’t really care if other people do or not.

    I think that thing next to the shower is a table covered with a towel on top of which sits a bucket with a hose going to the shower head, so maybe she really did shower. (I had to examine the picture closely for that.)

    This is one of my favorite PETA pictures:

  8. Brad

    Love the picture…

    Uh, folks — Doug would not kick his dog. Note his avatar.

    It’s called irony, people.

    Oh, and I wouldn’t have allowed Steven’s comment in light of my civility policy, but it cracked me up. Just as Doug’s crack about kicking the dog did.

  9. `Kathryn Fenner

    @Bryan–I agree that vegans who export their veganism to carnivorous animals, like cats, who must eat meat, and dogs who really ought to, as well are unclear on the concept.

    However, politically, I can relate to the “Diet for a Small Planet” vegans who are increasingly validated as global climate change is upon us, etc. I also understand and somewhat agree with the notion that if we commit violence against animals we eat, it spreads to violence against humans.

    Nonetheless, I also see what Temple Grandin is saying about how cows and pigs and chickens would otherwise simply exist in zoos, if at all, if we did not raise them to eat. Emile DeFelice has a great compromise with his free range hogs, who only have one bad day their whole lives, otherwise enjoying lives in protected woods.

  10. Mab

    For those of you under a ‘certain age’ — that is a classic song from a classic fella, remade in a very unclassical style.

    The original whistles are priceless.

  11. Steven Davis

    @David – So I take it you’d object to the term “justifiable homicide”.

    Face it, some people just suck. And a lot of people in Congress suck.

  12. Doug Ross

    Sheesh… take a chill pill, everybody. I have never kicked a dog in my life. In fact, our two dogs (a Golden Retriever and a pound mutt) sleep in our king size bed most of the time. I’m the one getting kicked all the time.

    It was a joke.

  13. tired old man

    Brad, Brad, Brad …

    You must process Advertising 101.

    Your product for my dollars, ho hum. Boring.

    Your product PLUS naked women, T&A, sex appeal EQUALS dollars/results.

    The apple minus Eve is no sale.

  14. Steven Davis

    I’m still waiting for one of these vegans/vegetarians to explain to me why humans have sharp teeth and not the flat grinding style teeth that plant and grain eating livestock have. You don’t need canine teeth to chew up a grain of wheat or oats.

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