Your Virtual Front Page, Tuesday, Aug. 16, 2011

A bit late, but here it is:

  1. ‘New economic government’ pushed for Europe (WashPost) — Of all the versions of this story I saw out there, the WP made it sound most dramatic, and most lede-worthy.
  2. Libya rebels fight for key town (BBC) — Trust the BBC to let us know about the actual wars going on out there.
  3. Overrun by Chinese Rivals, U.S. Solar Firm Files for Bankruptcy (WSJ) — Not only their regular economy is growing ahead of ours; so  is their green one.
  4. Bachmann celebrates Elvis Day in her own odd way (Associated Press) — What else can we say, except that sadly, the King is still dead.
  5. Top Tabloid Editors Endorsed Hacking, Letter Says (NYT) — How smart do you have to be to know you don’t write stuff like that down? If they need me to come run their newspapers for them, I know the way over there. (And yes, I’m kidding about the hacking thing — I wouldn’t condone it. And no, I’m not kidding about the other. There’s a vitality to English newspapers that I find appealing.)
  6. Despite Ron Paul’s Strong Iowa Showing, Media Mum (NPR) — I put this on the front for Doug. And to answer his question, the media don’t pay more attention to Ron Paul because they know he’s not going to be the nominee. You see, when there are a lot of candidates, a candidate with a loyal niche following looks strong. But everyone knows that this is his peak, and as the field dwindles, his support will remain at the same level. You see, everyone who would support Ron Paul is already supporting him.

3 thoughts on “Your Virtual Front Page, Tuesday, Aug. 16, 2011

  1. Phillip

    Re #6: if the reason the media does not pay much attention to Ron Paul is because they “know he’s not going to be the nominee,” then how do you explain Michele Bachmann? Unless…you think maybe they…think…she actually could…you know…get….wow.

  2. Brad

    Phillip, Nikki Haley is our governor. Sarah Palin was a major party’s nominee for vice president.

    Add it up. Yes, it is considered plausible. However, it’s been proved over the course of several decades that it is NOT going to happen with Ron Paul.

    You know part of the reason why? LOOK at him. Seriously. Then look at Rick Perry. Which do you think has a chance?

    And while it doesn’t work the same with women — in fact, until a woman becomes president, we won’t know HOW it works — note that neither Bachmann, Palin nor Haley is what you’d call “ugly.” Certainly not Ron Paul homely.

    Yep, it’s ridiculous that looks would factor into the equation, but hey — that’s how free markets work. Ron Paul should appreciate that.

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