‘It’s a Great Day’ on Your Virtual Front Page: Tuesday, Sept. 27, 2011

You like that? Does it sound chipper? I hope so. Here are your hunky-dory headlines:

  1. Health costs shifting to workers, study finds (WashPost) — Yeah, this hodgepodge of employer-provided health care coverage is just working great, isn’t it? Drat that Obama for trying to meddle with perfection…
  2. Nine S.C. House members also drawing retirement pay (thestate.com) — That’s in addition to the 40 percent of the Senate. But hey — can you blame ’em? It’s such a sweet deal!
  3. Pakistanis Tied to 2007 Border Attack on Americans (NYT) — OK, add it to the list. Somebody’s keeping a list, right?
  4. Markets surge as hopes rise for eurozone bailout (The Guardian) — Uh, that’s not what the WSJ  is saying… In any case, Greece has passed an austerity measure.
  5. Monument inspected for damage (WashPost) — We’re talking Washington Monument, and it seems the damage is worse that previously thought. I’m not liking the symbolism of this; how about you?
  6. ‘It’s a Great Day,’ Haley tells everyone to say (thestate.com) — If this isn’t a success, I think next she’ll have state employees answer the phone by saying, “Delta, Delta, Delta, can I help ya, help ya, help ya?” You’ll be shocked to learn what Corey Hutchins reported on Twitter: “Aw, come on! South Carolina’s Cemetery Board isn’t using the new ‘It’s a great day in South Carolina’ phone greeting…”

13 thoughts on “‘It’s a Great Day’ on Your Virtual Front Page: Tuesday, Sept. 27, 2011

  1. bud

    The healthcare story does show a big increase in young people getting on their parents insurance plans and either (1) going from uninsured to insured or (2) saving big money by getting on a group plan. Not a panacea but the healthcare law does seem to be helping millions of young people at least. And isn’t that a good thing?

  2. Juan Caruso

    Readers have not seen this breakdown of notably parasitic S.C. House opportunists before now, and may never see it elsewhere.

    Of the 9 serving House members (part-time employees, by the way) taking the extravagant, self-dealing retirement pensions:

    4 are Republicans, 2 of whom are LAWYERS (but the other 5 are Democrats)

    3 are also current or former employees of the SC’s public education establishment

    1 is a minister
    9 are shameless opportunists, but they are only the leading edge of obvious corruption. Thank goodness Nikki has invoked government transparency in legislative voting –better late than never!

  3. Karen McLeod

    Yes, Bud, it is. The GOP wants to dismantle said healthcare law. But, of course, employers will step in, won’t they? It’s a great day!

  4. bud

    Juan has pointed out a bipartisan issue with the pensions. Why is it always bad laws that are bipartisan? The Iraq war was bipartisan. So was the recent debt limit mess. And let’s not forget No Child Left Behind. Give me some good ole “ram it down their throats bills that pass by one vote” partisan laws any day.

  5. Brad

    Can’t believe that nobody had anything to say about the “It’s a great day in South Carolina” directive.

    Apparently, THIS is what she meant by “running government like a business.”

    … a particularly off-putting, phony, soul-eroding (for employees) kind of business…

  6. Kathy Duffy Thomas

    We tried answering our phone “It’s a great day in Hopkins! How can Tallant’s Tax & Accounting make your taxpaying experience more pleasant?” but it was a waste of our time and annoyed the clients.

  7. Claudia

    A dedicated DSS adoption worker decided to retire yesterday after being directed to answer the phone with the greeting. She had just been informed that the foster child adoption process for a family had disrupted. She says she can’t afford to retire, but her job doesn’t have many “great days”; it was the last straw.

    Irresponsible, inappropriate, sophomoric, irritating, micromanaging, morale-busting, damaging, stupid. A word I don’t use often. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

  8. Steven Davis

    I think most people who say “running it like a business” mean it in a financial way. And I believe you already knew that.

  9. Steven Davis

    I wonder what the penalty is for refusing to answer the phone that way? If it were me I’d have my voicemail changed to roll over after one ring and my cell phone would be turned in.

  10. bud

    Steven, you can’t pick and choose what “running it like a business” means. It’s all of it or none of it. These silly greeting thingies are part of the fast-food world and they are highly irratating but probably do work to upsell. Not sure why. I’m inclined to order less when one of these annoying greetings is thrust in my face.

  11. Steven Davis

    @bud – if you say so. And from your description, I’m guessing you’re also saying that every business runs alike whether it be a McDonalds or a law office.

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