Robert Ariail’s take on the anniversary

When I told Robert Ariail I had cartoon for Sunday from Bill Day and asked for one from him, he was glad to share, as always.

He decided to go back to black-and-white for this one, which I (and I think he) both prefer. I think color looks great on a lot of things, but this medium is stronger, has more gravitas, in black and white.

He mentioned that this was one he had thought of several years ago, and when he described it over the phone, I remembered it from when we were at the paper. So often, Robert had strong cartoon ideas (usually, several in a day), but came up with something he liked better for that day and set the first ones aside. I’m glad this isn’t one that ended up thrown away.

Which makes me think of something. Ten years ago, Robert, and Bill, and my old friend Richard Crowson, all had steady, good jobs at newspapers. So did I, for that matter, although I didn’t have their sort of talent.

Just another way the world changed.