A little something to creep you out thoroughly on Hallowe’en: “Take this lollipop”

Look who's looking YOU up...

This is a bit of a dare, and you MAY regret it, but if you really want to get into the spirit of horror on this All Hallow’s Eve, check this out.

Click on Take this Lollipop, and then allow it access to your public information on Facebook.

And then sit back and watch.

Then I’d like to hear your thoughts — about privacy in the social media age, and about… well, whatever interests you.

But this is the first interactive, personalized (very short) horror film I’ve ever seen. And it’s scarier that 100 haunted houses.

Here’s part of what CNN had to say about it:

(CNN) — A sweaty, wild-eyed man in a stained undershirt hunches over his computer in a shadowy basement. He’s broken into your Facebook account and is reading your posts as his dirty, cracked fingernails paw at the keyboard.

Rage (jealousy? hate?) builds as he flips through your photos and scrolls through your list of friends. He rocks back and forth, growing more agitated as the pages flash past. Then he consults a map of your city and heads to his car …

So why … oh, why … did you include so much personal information — and your address — in your profile?

If that all sounds like the stuff of a digital-era horror movie, you’re not far off.

“Take This Lollipop” is an interactive short video that’s been making its way around the Web as Halloween approaches. Visitors to the site are first presented with an image of a lollipop with a razor blade in it — don’t take candy from strangers, kids — and asked to grant access to their Facebook account.

Don’t worry: The application claims it uses your data only once, then deletes it. But the creepy results just might make you think twice about who else gets access to your online information.

The video uses the developer tool Facebook Connect and features actor Bill Oberst Jr. (whose credits range from “The Secret Life of Bees” to the inexplicably Oscarless “Nude Nuns With Big Guns”) as the aforementioned grungy nutjob…

5 thoughts on “A little something to creep you out thoroughly on Hallowe’en: “Take this lollipop”

  1. `Kathryn Fenner

    He looks a whole lot like my old boyfriend, but with really bad skin. Fortunately, he’s going to have fun over in the Vista trying to find me….I guess I’m seriously boring, too. He got to “see” lots of shots from stage and opera productions….oooh, I’m scared.


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