Finally got into the Hatch, and here’s all I found

Yeah, I know this is stupid, but I was struck by this drain I saw in a public restroom this morning.

It reminded me of a logo I’d seen a lot recently.

Yep, I’ve been watching “Lost” on Netflix.

When I saw this drain, I felt like maybe I was supposed to stay there and push the button every 108 minutes. But I didn’t. So if really bad stuff happens today, you know whom to blame.

7 thoughts on “Finally got into the Hatch, and here’s all I found

  1. Brad


    Remember, I didn’t get any. On account of the car crashing into Starbucks. (Come on; try to keep up with the narrative here.) I ALMOST got some at Barnes & Noble, where I stopped after the Starbucks, but I held back. Anyway, that’s where the above drain was spotted. They have nice, clean bathrooms at Barnes & Noble. Good place to stop when you’re traveling, and cars crash into Starbucks. (Yet another business that ought to advertise here, on account of all the positive product placement.)

    Anyway, y’all may think this weird, but it started a mildly lively discussion on Twitter. Adam Beam wanted to know what I thought of “Lost.” My assessment.

    ADAM: What’s your verdict on Lost?

    ME: Um… I don’t know. Only in 3rd season. Yeah, it keeps me watching, but I feel really manipulated.

    ME: Kind of tired of the plot device where people wander into the jungle alone without telling anyone and get into stupid trouble.

    ADAM: season 3 is when it starts to get weird.

    ME: Because, you know, it was so normal before…

    ADAM: haha, right. But it was less science fiction. I’m a sci fi fan, so the weirdness didn’t bother me

    ME: Well, “Firefly” it ain’t. So to me, it’s a great injustice that it lasted 6 seasons, and “Firefly” didn’t last one.

    ADAM: it has some cool twists and turns coming though

    So… something to look forward to. Maybe.

  2. Brad

    OK, it was silly fan stuff, but still lively…

    One thing that drives me nuts about social media is that I’ll start something on the blog, and then the conversations — sometimes extensive ones — go on elsewhere. Netflix, Facebook. Sometimes even LinkedIn. Because I post all my blog headlines and links on all three. (I put them on Netflix, and they automatically post to the others.)

    A month or so ago, I tried installing software that was supposed to automatically post social media responses back as comments here on the blog. I was pretty excited about it.

    It crashed the blog. (Gene, my host, said sure, he’d help me get it running again — as long as I hadn’t been trying to install something again by myself. He helped me anyway.) I was told it was inconsistent with my present platform, so the whole blog would have to be rebuilt first. So, no go…

  3. Kathryn Fenner

    You said you had 2 1/2 cups. Withdrawal at those levels…like I said, too much coffee?

  4. Kiki

    Yeah, I see hatches everywhere now. I hit something in the yard recently with a shovel and was convinced I’d found a hatch. Turned out to be the foundation of the original structure on this lot. Oh well.

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