Got a nice note from E.J. Dionne this morning

I appreciated E.J. taking the time to point something out to me...

So we’re entering the stage at which national media are about to start paying attention to what is said in South Carolina. So it is that I got a note from E.J. Dionne this morning. After praising this “poetic” passage in my blog earlier: “What fools the calendar doth make of us, even when we know better.”

… he went on to say,

OK, but still, does it have any impact? Huck wouldn’t have come within 3 points of McCain without Iowa — and Fred Thompson probably made the difference.
But you are right about our being fools. Original sin and all that.
Warmest EJ

He’s got a point. Especially about the Original Sin thing. But then, E.J.’s a smart guy. And a Catholic.

Yes, if Santorum wins Iowa, this is fertile territory for him. Being a values guy and all.

As for Iowa… My dismissive statements may be based in what I wish were true. As in, “Iowa shouldn’t matter, so I’ll say it doesn’t.” I wrote a column urging everyone to ignore Iowa four years ago. Then, when Obama won there, I started hoping it DID mean something — only to see him get body-slammed in N.H.

As I’ve mentioned here before, my baptism in national politics came when I covered Howard Baker in Iowa in 1980, for my Tennessee newspaper. Since I was covering it, Iowa took on  disproportionate importance in my mind. When Reagan lost there, I was eager to pronounce his candidacy over. We know how that turned out. My prejudice also arises from the fact that, as a voter, I am barred from participating in a caucus. I’d have the same problem, of course, in a primary state with party registration. Fortunately, we don’t have that here in SC, and our primaries are open.

4 thoughts on “Got a nice note from E.J. Dionne this morning

  1. bud

    Wouldn’t you have to agree that if Santorum wins Iowa his chances of winning it all go up dramatically? Not that he’s a lock or anything but I would maintain that Iowa is important for ELIMINATING weaker candidates rather than establishing a solid favorite.

  2. `Kathryn Fenner

    @bud- His chances of winning could double or triple, and we’d still be in single digits.

  3. Steven Davis

    “E.J.’s a smart guy. And a Catholic.”

    Good thing he’s not a Protestant or a Mormon or a Jew… because that’d lower your view of him.

    Why do some Catholics spout off about their denomination like it’s something the rest of us should be impressed with?

  4. j

    I’ve followed EJ’s writings and his media appearances for years and value his political perception and judgment. Mature and wise individuals always try to find common ground with those we respect.

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