Greetings from way, way, WAY on down South

I’ll be missing the craziness in SC the next day or so, as I’m in Key West talking about it.

You know how the Tea Party and the Occupiers get really worked up about the coziness between politicians and corporations? Well, I’m at the nexus of that. Or one of the nexuses. Or nexi. Or whatever.

Or at least, that’s what the protesters would probably say.

I’m at the Senate President’s Forum, where top officers from state senates across the country get together with corporate types and talk politics. So far, I haven’t met any of the participants, as the first event is tonight. I’ve never attended anything like this before; it promises to be interesting. I’ll tell you what it’s like. (Our own Senate president pro tem, Glenn McConnell, isn’t coming. SC is to be represented by Tom Alexander.)

I’m here to participate on a panel discussion about the presidential election. I’ll be joined by David Yepsen, former chief political editor at The Des Moines Register (somewhere, there are senior political editors who still have newspaper jobs, but I seldom run into them) and now director of the Paul Simon Institute at Southern Illinois University; John Marttila, President of Marttila Communications; and Mike DuHaime, Managing Director, Mercury Public Affairs and former Chief Strategist for Chris Christie’s successful gubernatorial campaign.

My job, of course, is to explain politics in the state that everyone is watching this week.

I need to write some opening remarks, which I worked on a bit on the plane this morning, but have only roughed it out. When I get it written, I’ll share it with y’all.

I’ll also be doing some walking around. This is my first time to Key West.

11 thoughts on “Greetings from way, way, WAY on down South

  1. Steve Gordy

    For those historically minded, Truman’s Winter White House is worth a visit. You could exhaust your budget just trying to visit all of Hemingway’s old watering holes.

  2. Brad

    Right after calling my wife on the phone from here, I ghost-dialed Kathryn Fenner. I just can’t get away from you people!

    Oh, and get this. I’m losing my voice. I’m here to speak, and I’m losing my voice. It started yesterday, after the Huntsman event. It was really steaming hot in that room, and then I went out into the relative coolness, and started getting hoarse.

    Maybe I can hand in my comments and have them flashed on a screen or something…

  3. `Kathryn Fenner

    Ghost-dialed–is that the same as butt-dialing, and why is my number on the top? I mean, I could see butt-dialing Miz Dubs, say, but moi?

    Drink plenty of liquids–maybe some Key Limeade?

    Wastin’ away again in Margaritaville….

  4. Silence

    @ Brad – What event are you speaking at? I didn’t think that the annual Key West “Fantasy Fest” was in January.

    You must be there for the Yacht Race Week. Please say hi to Buffy from me. We really all must get together this summer in the Hamptons….

  5. Nick Nielsen

    That Southeastern truck was probably out of their Miami service center. (This from my wife, who works at SEFL corporate.)

  6. Brad

    Nick, you’re right. I went up to the driver, and he was out of Miami.

    What I wrote in the caption, though, was my first thought when I saw that truck pull up: “Hey, I could have saved the air fare!”


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