Why haven’t we seen a word cloud of the whole blog yet?

“Why haven’t we seen a photograph of the whole Earth yet?”

Stewart Brand, 1966

Here’s something that has frustrated me, and maybe some of y’all can advise me.

Several times, I’ve wondered what a word cloud of my whole blog — since I started it in 2009 — would show in terms of what has obsessed me over these last three tumultuous years. Or, more practically, what verbal habits I need to dial back on.

But all I can ever get, when I enter my URL, is a cloud made of the last few posts, as you can see above. That’s pretty useless. I mean, I know what I’ve written about today. What I want to see is what sort of result I get over time. That might actually tell me something.

Anyone know how to make that happen?

3 thoughts on “Why haven’t we seen a word cloud of the whole blog yet?

  1. Juan Caruso

    A global (although the quotation hints at subjective and personal) “photograph” of words could be mundane rather than dazzling or informative in the slightest.

    Consider comparing your blog’s tags (my guess is you already know what they are) to usage over time (history).

    To do so, try this:


  2. Kevin

    I look at the image above and the names Graham, Romney, Obama, and Knotts pop out. Man your word cloud has produced a pretty scary cast of characters…

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