The upside is that you NEVER lose an argument

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Or if you do, you have a whole other set of problems…

Anderson Cooper brings our attention (blast him) to the following:

Daytime Exclusive: Woman Marries Herself in Ceremony

Nadine, 36, joins Anderson to explain why she married herself after getting a divorce. Nadine had a ceremony to celebrate the event and invited 40 guests. She even received wedding gifts.

Her unusual event made headlines, but Nadine says she wasn’t in it for the publicity. She says she decided to go through with the self-marriage because “it was about really committing to changing my life. I feel very empowered, very happy, very joyous. I want to share that with people, and also the people that were in attendance, it’s a form of accountability.”

Nadine experienced a painful divorce and says it was rough after learning her two kids wanted to live with their father. “Six years ago I would’ve handled a problem by going out and drinking. I smoked, I was 50 pounds overweight… this is just celebrating how far I’ve come in my life.”

Since the split, Nadine enjoys spending time with herself, going out on date nights, buying treats and gifts for herself, and says she’s no longer waiting for “someone to complete her.”

What are we going to call this? “Same-self marriage?” Will it catch on?

I hope not. The whole thing worries me. It’s just so easy for self-love to turn to self-abuse…

17 thoughts on “The upside is that you NEVER lose an argument

  1. Brad

    The real drawback to this sort of marriage is that you don’t have another person to point out that you’ve LOST YOUR FREAKING MIND!

  2. bud

    I think this threatens the “traditional marriage” of one man – one woman; or one man one man; or one woman one woman; or one man many women. A constitutional ammendment is in order.

  3. Mark Stewart

    That’s the kind of “me” thinking I was talking about on the other post.

    Wow; that dingbat hasn’t learned a thing.

  4. Silence

    Would she be taxed as married filing jointly, single or married filiing separately?

    In the event of a divorce, how would the property be divided?

    If there’s no man around to hear her, would she still be wrong?

  5. Brad

    Well, that’s another advantage. In a property settlement, she gets everything.

    Anyway… does anyone wonder why the kids wanted to live with the ex-husband? Kind of a no-brainer there…

  6. Steven Davis II

    “Anyway… does anyone wonder why the kids wanted to live with the ex-husband?”

    I wish someone would take one of these federal grants and figure out when and why women eventually go crazy? It’s a disease that affects nearly 100% of all women. Take an average high school girl, meet her at her 40 year high school reunion and she’s transformed into the mindless high school secretary that we all knew who loses her glasses and pen 20 times a day.

  7. Brad

    Ummm… I only approved that comment so as to get the distaff side of my readership off MY case on this “war on women” thing…

  8. Brad

    No, you don’t. I was just, very briefly, allowing the, um, “diversity of opinion” on this blog to fully show itself.

    I do that sometimes, to avoid creating the false impression that we have no outliers.

  9. Ralph Hightower

    When she went out on that date night, did she order another meal for her “partner”?

  10. Brad

    At least a second dessert, I would think.

    Actually, according to the video, she calls herself her “wife.”

  11. Mark Stewart

    This really cracked me up when I saw your post yesterday.

    But today it is more just another reminder of the insidious and nebulous nature of mental illness.

    How is it that 40 people came to “support” her event? It would be interesting to know how many of her friends and family made an attempt beforehand to communicate with her about her perceptions of this idea – or have they long since given up on trying to address her psyche?

  12. `Kathryn Braun

    Heck, I’m an outlier, and folks pretty much know that…sometimes the rocks are better off left un-turned-over.

  13. Herb Brasher

    I think this lady got the idea from Kudzu. Doug Marlette ran a spoof on this not long before he quit producing the strip. I thought it was funny at the time; I didn’t think somebody would seriously try it, but I should have known better.

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