Some faves from the late, lamented @PhilBaileySC

Just got around to seeing this…

On Sunday in The State, The Buzz (a descendant of a tidbits column I started in the ’80s called “Earsay”), lamented the cruel demise of @PhilBaileySC, and remembered some of his best Tweets:

• “Happy Confederate Memorial Day South Carolina. The rest of the country calls this day ‘Thursday’ ”

• “At what point do I freak out about Sharia Law coming to SC? Right after Bigfoot is proven real?”

• “Haley to send it to Georgia tomorrow. RT @WLTX: 30-foot-tall State Christmas Tree arrives in Columbia”

• “Happy Valentines Day, Ladies. The @scsenategop will be attempting to regulate your womb tomorrow.”

• “Besides the latest Winthrop Poll numbers having @NikkiHaley at 37%, Angies List gives the SC Guv a D-.”

• “ Mitt Romney and Nikki Haley settled on the endorsement in an email. Unfortunately, Haley pressed delete on the email out of habit.”

Not sure those are the exact ones I would have chosen (the fourth certainly doesn’t reflect my views), but they give you the idea. My fave of these is the first one. Very Phil.

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