Virtual Front Page, Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Here are the top stories:

  1. New ‘massacre’ in central Syria (BBC) — No good news from that front.
  2. Dow Jumps 286.84 Points in Broad Rally (WSJ) — Just to throw you a little good news.
  3. Wisconsin Vote Underscores Challenges for Democrats (NYT) — There are a bunch of stories out there like this today, and it’s ridiculous. This was a recall vote over the prerogatives of public employee unions. Not exactly the realm where the Dems compete for swing voters. About like saying that because Wisconsin rejected a bill to roll back millionaire’s taxes, the GOP is in trouble.
  4. Ray Bradbury, Author Of ‘Fahrenheit 451’ And Other Classics, Dies (NPR) — Kind of a long headline. Hey, if you have to be told who Bradbury was, you probably don’t want to read this.
  5. 68 years later, and Hitler is still dead (Various) — Hey, I couldn’t let the day go by without an acknowledgment of the day we put more than 150,000 men on a beach in spite of the deadliest efforts of the Third Reich to keep us off of. And then liberated Europe.
  6. Columbia clears way for Walmart (The State) — This is old now, but it’s still the biggest local story.

12 thoughts on “Virtual Front Page, Wednesday, June 6, 2012

  1. Karen McLeod

    I think Mr. Bradbury was the last of the sci-fi giants. May he rest in peace.

  2. JoanneH

    Glad you gave tribute to D-Day… and Ray Bradbury. I’m still working on the tie-in.

    But it’s there, I’m sure.

  3. Steve Gordy

    Adios, Ray. You have to admire a guy so devoted to his craft that he manages to write almost 500 books.

    And in other news, yesterday a statue of Dick Winters (from “Band of Brothers”) was unveiled near the drop zone into which he parachuted on June 6, 1944.

  4. Phillip

    Re #1: Those who click on the link should be sure to read BBC reporter Paul Danahar’s “sidebar” comment to the main story.

  5. `Kathryn Braun

    Not reading about a seance there, Silence. It’s called a figure of speech….but you knew that….

  6. Silence

    ” the ghosts of past women leaders spoke to her at her first White House meeting as Speaker.” – sounds like a seance to me. Either that or she needs to get a check-up from the neck-up.

  7. Mark Stewart

    I visited a smal neighborhood Wal-Mart yesterday; the concept is like a half scale modern grocery store. I’m not sure why people protest Wal-Mart anyway. After seeing one of these stores (just opened a few days), I’m left wondering how Wal-Mart can view this concept as a corporate growth strategy.

    We have probably witnessed the battleship’s retail peak. Even if they start picking on The Pig with these

  8. Mark Stewart


    I have seen your comment that a redesign is coming to the blog. You have got to put more distance between the comment text box and the “submit comment” button! Or am I the only clumsy mobile user?

    Anyway, back to my general comment: … these minimalist grocery store concepts seem destined to cannabalize Wal-Mart’s own Supercenters as much as any impact that they will have on other area retailers.

  9. `Kathryn Braun

    @Silence…a figure of speech…

    When people say, “If these walls could speak,” they don’t actually hope for voices from the wallboard.

  10. Bart

    ” the ghosts of past women leaders spoke to her at her first White House meeting as Speaker.”

    I guess this could be placed in the same category as the other infamous comment by the former speaker?

    “We have to pass the bill so we can see what’s in it.”


  11. Silence

    @ Kathryn – what did you say? It’s very loud in here, I couldn’t hear you over all of the conversation. Once the walls start talking, you can’t get them to shut up again.

    “Brave Clarice. You will let me know when those lambs stop screaming, won’t you?” – Dr. Hannibal Lecter

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