Moving so fast we’re a blur

Saturday was a very busy day for the Warthen clan. After the opening of “Pride and Prejudice” Friday night, 12 of us got up early for the Walk for Life. Then we had a double family birthday party (my own and my younger son’s), I took a brief nap, and it was back to Saluda Shoals, where three members of my family were onstage and four of us in the audience. After my last scene, I left the play to attend a party that was going on at the same time, then ran back for curtain call (a separate post on that is to come). The day ended really late, with a cast gathering at a local pub, and then to bed.

The four youngest members of the clan prepare to participate in the Walk for Life.

Next morning, my mother called to say we were on the Metro front in The State. I had to think for a moment as to which of all those activities might have constituted “news” in any form. Ah, yes — it was the Walk for Life.

Above is the photo, which ran six columns across the top of the page. We’re easy to miss at a glance, because we’re in the very blurry front rank — there’s me, my daughter who organized the family team, my wife the 11-year cancer survivor, and my son whose 32nd birthday this was.

I suppose it’s appropriate that any snapshot from that day should be a blur.

There I am on opening night with my granddaughter and daughter. We are portraying, respectively, Sir William Lucas, Kitty Bennet and Lady Lucas.

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  1. bud

    11 year cancer survivor. Those are words that should bring all of us together in a moment of profound agreement of just how wonderful life really is.

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