In case you happen to be, or own, a business…

Because, as Mitt Romney says, corporations are people, too, I pass on this advisory from Randy Halfacre at the Greater Lexington Chamber for my friends out there who may be corporations. Or at least own or operate businesses:

It was recently announced that tax information for as many as 657,000 S.C. businesses was compromised as part of the recent cyber attack at the S.C. Department of Revenue.
The State of South Carolina has arranged through Dun & Bradstreet Credibility Corp for free credit monitoring services for all S.C. businesses for the life of the business.
Starting Friday, Nov. 2 at 8 a.m., businesses can register at or by calling 800.279.9881 to receive the credit monitoring service.  After signing up, businesses will be notified of any changes to their accounts.

The Governor’s press conference yesterday regarding the breach is available here.

One thought on “In case you happen to be, or own, a business…

  1. niat holder

    Why no demand for her resignation. The numerous funding mishandling, investigations and anomalies are outrageous. We are complicit in our silence.What process do we need to take for no confidence.Can anyone guess what damage she may do in the next two years ?


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