Ravenel may join Sanford in testing tolerance of Lowcountry voters

Ravenel on his Facebook page: Tanned, rested and ready?

Ravenel on his Facebook page: Tanned, rested and ready?

In response to Will Folks speculating that he would run for the congressional seat vacated by Tim Scott, Thomas Ravenel posted the following today on Facebook:

I allowed someone to use my name in a poll which sparked the below article. Yes, I am considering a comeback but I’m not sure if the timing of this race is right for me. Anyway, the filing deadline is not until January 28 so that’s 17 days for me to make up my mind.

This puts me in mind of the old stereotype about how folks in the Lowcountry are so tolerant of the kinds of behavior that would send the Calvinists of the Upstate into orbit. Imagine both Ravenel and Mark Sanford testing to what extent coastal voters are willing to say, “Boys will be boys.”

For those who don’t recall, our former state treasurer pleaded guilty to “conspiring to buy and distribute less than 100 grams of cocaine” in 2007. Since then, he has advocated ending the criminalization of drugs. For more background, here are some interview videos I shot of Ravenel, which became briefly popular, in a minor league sort of way, on YouTube after he was charged.

8 thoughts on “Ravenel may join Sanford in testing tolerance of Lowcountry voters

  1. tavis micklash

    Is he really lounging on his yacht?

    Isn’t the sweater tied around his neck part of the uniform?

    I was going to put a Mitt Romney reference in there but even ole’ moderate Mitt is shaking his head at that.

  2. Steven Davis II

    Isn’t that pose on a boat reserved for women? But then again he is wearing a hot pink shirt… not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  3. Juan Caruso

    1. Ravenel vs Sandford in primary.
    2. Winner goes up against Alvin Greene.
    3. SC Legislature pays Fitz to move and stay out of SC.
    4. Fitz moves to Indiana but votes absentee 200 times
    5. Greene wins.
    6. SC citizens’ intelligence again disparaged by national media.

  4. Ralph Hightower

    Forget the legalization of marijuana, Ravenel wants to legalize cocaine.

    So, who is going to be Cheech and who is going to be Chong?

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