GOP accuses Democrats of waging ‘war on women’

OK, I sort of got a kick out of this:

In 2012, Democrats’ constant refrain that the Republican party was in the midst of a “war on women” left the GOP — all the way up to presidential nominee Mitt Romney — exasperated at what they called a gross mischaracterization. Now Republicans are embracing the term as a way of reminding voters of Democratic men who have cheated, sexted, and harassed.

In e-mails, press releases and tweets, the Republican National Committee, National Republican Senatorial Committee and National Republican Congressional Committee are highlighting a “war on women” waged by San Diego Mayor Bob Filner (harassment), New York mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner (sexting), and former New York governor Eliot Spitzer (prostitutes).

Mentioned less often but still on the list: New York State Assemblyman Vito Lopez (harassment) and Tennessee Rep. Steve Cohen (mistakenly thinking he had a daughter, calling a reporter “very attractive”) among others.

“The best tools we have as Republicans to recruit women candidates this cycle are three Democrats named Bob Filner, Eliot Spitzer, and Anthony Weiner,” said NRCC spokeswoman Andrea Bozek…

Yes, it’s ridiculous to accuse an entire party of a “war on women” because of the personal misdeeds of a few. But it’s no more ridiculous than the Democrats using the hyperbolic term the way they did in last year’s election.

43 thoughts on “GOP accuses Democrats of waging ‘war on women’

  1. bud

    But it’s no more ridiculous than the Democrats using the hyperbolic term the way they did in last year’s election.

    Hyperbolic maybe, but there was more than a grain of truth in the Dem allegations. But for the GOP to make such a claim based on Weiner and the San Diego dude is downright REEEEEDICULOUS. Do they think the voters have forgotten about Vitter, Sanford, Gingrich, the Godfather of Pizza dude and a whole host of GOP creeps? Really. Do they really believe that? Seriously?

    As for the thrust of Brad’s comment this is typical media balancing yet again. It’s silly to compare the somewhat sensible Democratic party to the crazy GOP but I guess Brad just can’t help himself. We can even give this affliction a name. We can call it Deranged Equality of Both Parties Syndrome. DEBPS. Maybe some therapy would help.

  2. Kathryn Fenner

    The GOP policies oppose women’s rights. A few scuzzbag Democrats are, as are many GOP pigs, disrespectful of women. False equivalence

    1. Silence

      I guess you are right. The bulk of the democrats are waging war on babies (of both genders)… not on women.

      1. Bryan Caskey

        Kathryn is right. The “War on Women” is about opposing abortion on demand. That’s it.

        You can sexually harass about seven women (eight is too much) and the Democratic party will support you if you’re a Good Democrat and support abortion on demand. Again, try to keep it under eight. If you do, the Democratic party will even tell women that they have to be quiet about the allegations and support your re-election.

        You can have your communications director call a former female college student intern (who leave the campaign): a “B*tch,” “Tw*t,” “C*nt,” and “Slutbag”, and as long as it’s “off the record” that’s ok., as long as you support abortion on demand.

        It’s about abortion. Nothing more, nothing less. On a related note, I’ve been informed that abortion clinics are now referred to as: “Choice Providers”.

        1. bud

          Abortion, birth control, pay equity, access to occupation options long denied them (combat in the military, access to military schools) and the list goes on and on. That’s why women, especially young, single women, are abandoning the GOP in droves. Not a recipe for regaining the White House.

    2. Burl Burlingame

      Not exactly. The current GOP platform also opposes equal pay for women.

      It’s OK to oppose abortion on ethical or religious grounds. Its something else to inflict your religious views on others using state laws as a cudgel. That’s Taliban behavior.

      Of course, if you’re a true conservative, if your teenage granddaughter is raped by a foreign terrorist with a genetic disease, you’d rather send your granddaughter to jail than allow an abortion for health reasons.

      1. Silence

        Burl, can you provide a link to the GOP platform document where they specifically oppose equal pay for women?

    1. Doug Ross

      That Sydney Leathers photo was not what I needed to see this morning.

      I feel more sad than repulsed every time he sees a young person with excessive tattoos. Why create an external reason for people to judge you? And they will…

      1. Silence

        Doug, I’m with you on the tattoo thing. When did tattoos become appropriate for sorority girls and white collar workers? I guess it was sometime in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. Probably says a lot about the breakdown of the social class system.

        I remember a few of the guys in my platoon getting them when we were at Quantico in the early 90’s, but it was still fringe enough then that only maybe 3 guys out of the entire company got them. People can do what they like, but it’s trashy, a waste of money, and disgusting to boot.

        There are only a select group of folks who should proudly wear tattoos:
        1) Old timey sailors, marines and merchant mariners who aquired them in far eastern ports of call long ago.
        2) Members of 1% biker gangs. (Hell’s Angels, Mongols, etc.)
        3) Holocaust survivors

        That’s the full list, I think. Nobody else should get a tattoo.

        1. Bart

          Agree with the no tattoo except for the list. If anyone has never had the distinct experience of seeing an old man or woman whose body is covered with tatoos, you don’t know what you are missing. It is bad enough when you get older and your skin does start to wrinkle and sag but to add to it fading tatoos, a day at the beach can be ruined with one glance. A friend and his wife had separated for several years. During the separation, she decided to have a tattoo of an eagle’s wing across her breasts at the visible to the public cleavage line. Now that she is in her 60s and the natural aging process is doing its job, the wings are sagging with everything else and the tattoo looks as if the feathers are molting. At least she has a sense of humor about it.

        1. Brad Warthen Post author

          Some people like the impressionists, some prefer abstract expressionism (although I can’t think why). One of my favorite art genres is the classic American pin-up, of the WWII warplane nose art type…

          1. Bryan Caskey

            If you like bomber nose art, you’ll like bomber jacket art. I did a
            post back in December that was inspired by an piece in “Collector’s Weekly”. Follow the first link in my post for lots of pictures of bomber art and related jacket art.

            I really liked the point that although it was technically against the “rules” to alter your bomber jacket, the commanding officers knew that the main objective was winning the war – not enforcing minor rules and regulations.

          2. Silence

            Rose – you should mark that with a “NSFW” (not safe for work) tag – and also use a link shortener like – but I certainly approve of the artwork.

          3. Brad Warthen

            Burl, he’s great. Interesting, distinctive style — both modern and classic at the same time. His pictures are more… three-dimensional than the ones from the 40s…

    1. Doug Ross

      That was a perfect example of how one side will blow a simple misquote out of proportion. Anyone with
      half a brain knew that Romney meant “binders full of women’s resumes”. But that wouldn’t fit the meme that Republicans hate women.

      1. Kathryn Fenner

        and anyone with a quarter of a brain knows that the Dems knew he meant that, but were riffing on the aptness of the quote relative to the tone-deafness of the GOP vis-a-vis women.

        1. Doug Ross

          I’d love to know what makes up the “tone deafness”?

          Abortion? There are plenty of women opposed to abortion. And there is a reasonable case to be made that aborting a fetus isn’t just about women.

          Equal pay? It’s not a simple statistic to calculate pay differences because women leave the workforce to have children. With all the females in CEO roles, political office, it’s hard to claim a glass ceiling exists. And I’m not aware of any Republican policies that specifically say women should be paid less.

          What else does the Republican party do to target women?

  3. Silence

    An HIV-infected porn star named Cameron Bay had sex with another porn-actor, Xander Corvus who just days later had sex with Sydney Leathers in her debut movie Weiner And Me. While the likelihood of a man contracting HIV from a single incident of sex with a woman, then passing it on, is pretty low, Sydney Leathers will probably be worried for a while.

    1. Brad Warthen Post author

      Trust the Daily Mail to get the scoop!

      What a tawdry world we live in.

      Here’s a burning question: MUST porn be so cheesy?

      You know, it occurs to me that it would be possible for someone to produce a porno with high production values. But I’ve never heard of anyone doing it. The “Emmanuelle” series was supposed to be classy, but the trailers I remember seeing weren’t all that impressive in that regard…

      Of course, I guess it’s a good thing it’s so tacky. The world would be an even worse place if the best filmmakers were wasting their talents in that way…

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