Tonight on ‘Fresh Air,’ Brigid talks about her new book

Remember a couple of months back, when I told you about the new book by my friend and colleague Brigid Schulte?

Well, she’s going to be talking about it this evening at 7 on NPR’s “Fresh Air.”

That’s all. Just wanted to give a heads-up, particularly to any of y’all who remember Brigid from when she worked for The State, before her long stint at The Washington Post, where she still works when she’s not writing books…

8 thoughts on “Tonight on ‘Fresh Air,’ Brigid talks about her new book

  1. Phillip

    The book sounds kind of interesting, something we can all relate to on some level I think…I listened a little bit to online streaming interview on the NPR site and was just skipping around a little bit when something REALLY leaped out at me, though. In confessing to the elaborate birthday parties she’s thrown for her kids, she mentioned “staging a D-Day” party for her 8 year old (8!!!) son who was as she said, “obsessed with Band of Brothers.”

    8 years old? Band of Brothers?

    1. Silence

      The Band of Brothers party was fine, but I think that the elaborate “Schindler’s List” themed children’s birthday party really crossed the line.

  2. Brad Warthen Post author

    I forgot to listen last night, so I went and listened for a few minutes just now. It was nice to hear Brigid’s voice again; it’s been so many years…

    1. Brad Warthen

      I always loved hearing Brigid’s voice. What was much harder to take were her silences. I’d have the phone to my ear, working on one of her stories, and I’d say the wrong thing, insist upon the wrong change, and there’d be nothing… I’d be like, “Brigid… Brigid…? Come on, Brigid…”

      It was a very effective way of managing editors…

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