Open Thread for Wednesday, June 2, 2014

Some possible topics:

  1. In 13 days, I get to vote yet again — Yesterday, I went to my polling place for the third time in less than a month — this time for a special primary to elect (I say “elect,” since no Democrats are running) a new Lexington County Coroner. As you may have seen, in 13 days, I get to go back and vote again, in the runoff for that office. Which brings up the question, why am I voting for coroner anyway? It’s a purely ministerial position, not a policy-setting one. I have no idea which of the remaining candidates is the better one, and I sincerely doubt that I’m alone in this. So why are we doing this again?
  2. Clashes erupt in Israel after Arab teen is killed — Could things get more messed up over there? I sincerely hope this was not a revenge killing. If it was, I and the rest of the world will expect Israeli authorities to do everything possible to bring those responsible for justice. Which we should not hold our breath waiting for Hamas to do regarding the killing of the three Israeli boys. But that’s cold comfort if the Palestinian boy was really murdered by Israelis. The violence based on that assumption is already well under way.
  3. Target takes stance against guns — Well, good for Target. It should have that right. But I find myself wondering — was the chain just feeling particularly vulnerable on account of, you know, its name?

Or, pick a topic of your own…