Twitter asked me to celebrate my ‘anniversary’ once… Once!

Leslie Knope

Twitter urged me to celebrate my “Twitter anniversary” today. So I guess I started doing that in late May 2009.

Anyway, silly as it was, I complied:

I got one “like” — from Mandy Powers Norrell. Maybe I should ask her to write the speech for me. After all, I wrote a speech for her once.


It was back during the campaign. James never asked me to write a speech for him, although I wrote plenty of other things — releases, social media and the like. He preferred riffing off talking points, so I wrote out some of those a few times.

But Mandy did ask me to write one out, that one time. She was going to speak to a group of medical students, and wanted to urge them to be involved in politics. Right up my alley. And so I wrote her one that released all my communitarian and Mr. Smith-goes-to-Washington impulses. It was a lovely little secular sermon on civic virtues.

And she got a reaction. She said one of the students came up to her after, and asked whether she had ever seen “Parks and Recreation.” She said that she had.

“Well,” said the student, “you sound just like Leslie Knope.”

Which I guess was not what she was going for. Because she never asked for another speech…

3 thoughts on “Twitter asked me to celebrate my ‘anniversary’ once… Once!

  1. Ralph Hightower

    Musk’s actions and demands once he bought Twitter strikes me as mercurial, capricious, and dictatorial.

    April 27, I deactivated my Twitter account based on this Elon Musk tweet:
    @ElonMusk: Anyone making materially false statements on this platform will get Community Noted, including you, me, Tucker, advertisers, head of state, etc. No exceptions.
    Convince the people and let the chips fall where they may.
    @RalphHightower: Seriously? Yet you welcomed back a pathological liar, Donald Trump, who incited and welcomed violence in an attempted coup d’état on January 6 in the storming of the U.S. Capitol. Twitter has gone to HELL!


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