When did THESE guys get so old?

I was reading something in The Washington Post this morning, and I saw dese two mooks in a picture, and they looked familiar.

My next thought was, When did THEY get so old? I mean, Marty looks like he could be Joe Biden’s dad! Johnny Boy’s not quite as bad, but can you believe he’s the guy on the left down below?

The one below is from 1973, and I realize that was a couple of years ago, maybe a little more, but this is ridiculous! The dames aren’t gonna go for the guy in the picture above, no matter how many Seven and Sevens he buys them! On the upside, maybe Johnny Boy’s calmed down a bit, and Charlie won’t have to worry about him so much.

But come ahhhn

Scorsese (center) directing De Niro and Keitel in ‘Mean Streets’…

Oh, wait. With “Mean Streets” in the air, I shouldn’t end this with a still. Here’s a clip, the one with the mooks:

4 thoughts on “When did THESE guys get so old?

  1. Brad Warthen Post author

    It’s getting to be a problem for Hollywood to find a name actor who can play a young guy.

    Even Scorsese himself famously turned to CGI to try to make that work. It didn’t. I mean, did you SEE “The Irishman?” I could only stand to watch a little of it.

    So let’s try to learn the names of the new guys. Does anybody have a good guide, for instance, for telling the Chrises apart? One of them was pretty good in the Magnificent Seven remake. But of course, he wasn’t anywhere near being a Steve McQueen…

  2. Doug T

    Same thing in music. As Paul Simon said in an interview published Sunday, that generation is done. I have no idea what kids are listening to now.

    Bought tickets to see Don McLean later this year. When I told my sister, she said ole’ Don’s looking kinda rough these days. Well yeah, he’s 77 yrs old. Our memories stand still but time marches on.

  3. Barry


    Texas Republican impeached their AG- Ken Paxton. Paxton has a LONG history of questionable compliance with legalities. He’s still under indictment from 2015. Must be a heck of a long investigation.

    Many national republicans voiced support for Paxton this weekend. Their main line of defense was that Paxton tried to overturn the election before his suit was tossed out of court. There was no defense of him on the specific crimes alleged – or his adultery and the relationship between his mistress and a top donor.

    National Republicans did remind everyone of how Christian Ken Paxton is- (without mentioning his mistress). Noteworthy, in a recent interview, Paxton took credit for stopping “mail in votes” from being counted that might have helped Biden win Texas. Not sure what he was referring to but it might prompt another investigation. Not many would doubt that Paxton could have messed with votes.

    The Little Mermaid

    The new Little Mermaid movie has created a firestorm on the Right. The fact that Disney chose a black actress to play the part in the movie has caused a lot anger and frustration from Conservatives. This is been hard for them to process that a fictional character could be black – after being white in the 30 year old version of the movie.

    Just wait to a future James Bond is a black man. They might self implode.

    We Need More White Judges

    Republican Rep. Glenn Grothman, a 67 year old white man from Wisconsin, complained on the House Floor last Thursday that Joe Biden wasn’t appointing more “straight, white judges.

    “In his first two years, President Biden had appointed 97 federal judges. Of the 97 federal judges, I was expecting maybe 25 or 30 were white guys because I know President Biden wasn’t heavy on appointing more white guys. Five of the 97 judges were white guys. Of those, two were gay. So, almost impossible for white guys, not gay, to get appointed here.”

    The folks accusing everyone else of being snowflakes- sure are snowflakes.

    Fact Check: Sixteen states have no federal trial judges of color.

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