There she is, enthusiastically saluting il Duce…

Haven’t seen our lieutenant governor in a while? I certainly hadn’t.

But then I saw the above image in The Boston Globe over the weekend.

Which prompted two thoughts:

  1. Y’all may get tired of hearing me say this, but I haven’t said it in four years, so: Had we won in 2018, you wouldn’t have gone long periods without hearing or seeing Mandy Powers Norrell. And we’d all be better off for that. As the first lieutenant governor elected alongside the governor in our state’s history, she would have been front and center, playing a vital and energetic role in making South Carolina a better place. She offered talent, experience, and substance. As opposed to… well, what we got.
  2. So I haven’t seen her in a while, and when she shows up, what is she doing — standing on a stage enthusiastically aping the gestures of the Creature. Just to let us know she’s as far gone as her boss. Well, I guess in that respect, she is a real teammate of Henry…

3 thoughts on “There she is, enthusiastically saluting il Duce…

  1. Doug Ross

    It’s seriously unhinged to equate Trump with Mussolini or Hitler.. can we presume you would applaud Trump being punished in the same way Mussolini was? Would you cheer him being executed and strung up by his heels in the public square? ( Admit it, you just said “I wish” to yourself)

    Is he as bad as Mussolini?

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