I surrender to Twitter

OK, I did it. I signed up for Twitter. After months of dismissing and abusing the very notion of it, I gave in yesterday and signed up.

The last straw was that Tim Kelly told me last week that you could arrange it so that when you post on your blog, the headline goes out on Twitter. Haven’t figured out how to do that yet, but seems like it would be pretty cool. He said there’s also something clever I could do with Facebook vis-a-vis the blog.

I need to either get serious about this blog — fix up the appearance, promote it more, and most of all post more often — or give it up. As I’ve mentioned before, I actually find it harder to blog without full-time, permanent employment. As busy as I was at the paper, I was sitting at a computer (actually, two computers, or even three if you count the Blackberry) for about 12 hours a day, and I could post any time things slowed down a bit — when I was waiting for copy, or for somebody to call me back, or for proofs, or whatever. I had to go through tons of e-mail each day, and frequently things that came over the transom that way made for quick-and-easy blog fodder.

Now, as I run hither and yon trying to earn a living, I might have ideas for blog posts, but I don’t have time to sit and write them. I need to either figure a way to do that, or the blog’s gonna die on me.

Thanks to those of you who have stuck with me thus far. And suggestions, as always, are welcome.

8 thoughts on “I surrender to Twitter

  1. Kathryn Fenner

    Don’t leave us!
    I tried to tweet, but I messed up entering my e-mail address and couldn’t figure out how to reverse that, so I created another account and couldn’t remember what that was, a realized I just didn’t care enough. I’m not a 140 character kind of person, anyway. Besides, I only have a bare bones voice phone (saves a lot of $) and despite how it may seem, I don’t sit at my computer all day…..

    but I do enjoy your blog….I have it on my RSS feed, but lots of people don’t know about that…

    Link the blog with your FB account. Anne Postic links The Shop Tart to her FB–actually, she has a separate personage known as The Shop Tart,and The Shop Tart FB person posts links to her blog. She sells a lot of ads. She plugs a lot of stuff, but you have, or could have, a fairly influential readership. Some fellow Rotarians might advertise if the rates were right.

  2. Karen McLeod

    You can go a’twittering if you desire. Or move to facebook. I enjoy the blog, but I will not follow to these sites (probably). Stuff in both places is up to you. Here I see interesting discussion. From what I’ve seen on facebook, things too often degenerate into simply airing one’s hatreds again. (Isn’t there already enough of THAT in the air?).

  3. Bill C.

    Sample of what’s coming:

    “Picked my nose”
    “Going to the bathroom, hope I make it”
    “Wish I had a camera”
    “The mailman just came by”
    “I wonder what Sam and Inez are doing”
    “I wonder what Mayor Bob is doing”

  4. Brad Warthen

    Dang, Bill has already scooped me on a day’s worth of Twitter. Scratch that idea.

    Kathryn and Karen need not fear. The blog is my priority, even though I don’t know what its long-term prospects are (because I don’t know what MINE are). Blogging might be inconsistent with my future work; I don’t know. In the meantime, I see Twitter and Facebook as adjuncts to the blog — which raises them a step in my estimation, because previously I saw NO use to them…

  5. H

    This evening I was sitting outside and heard all the birds up in the trees twittering about where they flew and what they ate today.

    Marvelous simple lives birds have.

  6. Elliott

    Do not give up this blog, please. Since The State is not delivered or sold in my part of South Carolina, Warthen’s Blog is my only means of keeping abreast of South Carolina topics. Are you counting how many hits you get? Sell some ads. You have the support of many South Carolinians whom you have never met.

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