Whoa! Did this picture of our gov grab your attention? It did mine…


Six men came to kill me one time. And the best of ’em carried this. It’s a Callahan full-bore auto-lock. Customized trigger, double cartridge thorough gauge. It is my very favorite gun.

— Jayne Cobb, on “Firefly”

My first thought was that it must be photoshopped. There’s something unreal about it, from the glint in her eye to the… really unusual weapon she’s holding with such delight.

I found myself reminded of Jayne Cobb showing off Vera. I mean, certainly the governor will give this baby a name…

But The Sun News reports that it’s for real:

AYNOR — Welder Jamieson Woodard leaned against a table a good way beyond the semi-circle of television cameras Monday as S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley got her commemorative, semiautomatic rifle from PTR Industries.

Woodard is part of the contingent of employees who transferred to Horry County when PTR left Connecticut because of restrictive gun laws passed by the state legislature.

The law, written in reaction to the killing of elementary school children and teachers in Newton, Conn., bans the sale of the guns PTR makes.

“Not only did it put us out of work,” Woodard said of the law, “it was the little guys that really got hurt.”

During the ceremony Woodard watched, Haley said she promised PTR that South Carolina would never politicize gun ownership, and those are the kind of words that have helped the company and its employees feel they’ve been received with open arms.

“People here are a lot friendlier than they are up North,” Woodard said…

Jayne with Vera: "It is my very favorite gun."

Jayne with Vera: “It is my very favorite gun.”

13 thoughts on “Whoa! Did this picture of our gov grab your attention? It did mine…

  1. Brad Warthen Post author

    I don’t know who owns the rights to that photo — there was no credit where I found it, on Twitter. I just hope they agree that this constitutes Fair Use. Because there’s nothing to comment on if y’all can’t see the picture…

  2. Brad Warthen Post author

    The boys in Marlboro County, back when I was a freshman at Bennettsville High School, would have had a word for a rifle like that: “GOT-tawMIGHTy!”

  3. Mark Stewart

    Her keffiyeh-like shawl dress whatever amused me more as a photo op prop for this gun manufacturer visit.

    Whatever did happen to Jakie Knotts, btw?

      1. Mark Stewart

        If I thought she had it in her, this would have garnered my appreciation as a complete repudiation of Knotts. But I know this was just obliviousness as to the optics of the outfit.

    1. Kathryn Braun Fenner

      He lost to now former Haley bud, Katrina Shealy, who spearheaded the assault on Haley’s DSS chief.

    1. Barry

      Shooting them is fun.

      They are extremely accurate and a real treat for target practice.

      It’s a great picture I have to admit.

    2. Bryan Caskey

      All rifles will be stamped “Made in Aynor, S.C.” I bet the boys in Horry County would have liked that. That’s pronounced Oh-REE County, by the way.

      To answer Peggy’s question, it’s almost what can’t you do with a semi-automatic rifle chambered for .308?

      The .308 cartridge is probably the world’s most popular cartridge for hunting AND target shooting. When you take into account price, recoil, accuracy, and differing loads, the .308 is where you usually end up. It’s used by law enforcement and military for snipers. It’s used for hunters here in South Carolina for harvesting white-tail. Some people use it to take moose and elk. Some people take bear with it, but I think that’s a little bit of a stretch.

      Whenever I’m using it, I’m punching holes in a piece of paper at about 150 yards (or at least trying to, anyway). She’s holding an excellent match-quality rifle in her hands, there. It’s a fairly heavy rifle, so my guess is that it’s pretty soft-shooting, all in all.

  4. Silence

    I think it’s a good picture of Nikki.

    Regarding the naming of weapons:
    Sandor “The Hound” Clegane: “Of course you named your sword.”
    Arya Stark: “Lots of people name their swords.”
    Sandor “The Hound” Clegane: “Lots of c*nts.”


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