Will Ravenel’s bids for attention get more desperate?

This came in this morning from Thomas Ravenel:


EDISTO, S.C. – Lowcountry businessman and independent U.S. Senate candidate Thomas Ravenel today challenged U.S. Sen. John McCain to “step up to the plate” and debate him so that South Carolina voters can hear the views of his longtime liberal understudy, U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham – who is refusing to participate in a series of citizen-driven debates.

“The puppet is too afraid to debate me so I might as well start challenging his puppet masters – beginning with John McCain,” Ravenel said.  “The people of South Carolina deserve a series of real debates in which their concerns are heard and their questions are asked and answered by the candidates.  If Lindsey Graham is too afraid to defend his views in such a forum – then I’m going to start challenging the powerful interests that are pulling his strings in Washington D.C.”

Last month Ravenel issued a debate challenge to Graham, Democratic nominee Brad Hutto and Libertarian candidate Victor Kocher.  He proposed a series of at least eleven debates in different parts of the state in which citizens would conduct the questioning of the candidates.

Graham is the only candidate who hasn’t responded.

“Lindsey Graham has time to meet with Barack Obama nineteen times, to appear on all the Sunday morning talk shows and to fearmonger through the media – but apparently he doesn’t have the time to hear the concerns and face the criticisms of hard-working South Carolinians,” Ravenel said.  “That’s his prerogative, but by refusing to participate in these debates Lindsey Graham is telling South Carolinians that they aren’t worth his time.   He’s also telling them what many of them already know – that his abysmal record of wasting our tax dollars, attacking our liberties and unnecessarily harming our friends and loved ones in the military is indefensible.“

“If he won’t defend that record, maybe John McCain will,” Ravenel added.

Ravenel said that he would be issuing a series of debate challenges to Graham’s “puppet masters” over the coming weeks.

“The longer he refuses to participate in a series of public debates driven by South Carolinians like you the more I will expose him as being beholden to Washington’s special interests,” Ravenel said. “If Lindsey Graham thinks he can run out the clock on this election, he’s got another thing coming. I’m not just going to shame him, I’m going to shame the interests subsidizing his ongoing betrayal of our state and its people.”


Is this what he does when he’s ignored? Will his bids for attention get more desperate as time passes and the members of his former party continue to ignore him?

4 thoughts on “Will Ravenel’s bids for attention get more desperate?

  1. Barry

    My questions for Thomas Ravenel for his “citizen led debates”

    1) Why did you disrespect the voters of South Carolina by running for Treasurer when you knew you were violating state and federal laws?

    2) Why do you disrespect yourself, South Carolina, and everyone else by appearing and supporting a pathetic tv show that makes Charleston look like Hedonism II.

    3) Why are you running for US Senate (and expect people to take you in a serious way) before winning a lower profile election, and proving that you can avoid being arrested for at least a year?

    4) Do you not believe that a first time father in his 50’s who admits “They (tv show) actually captured where I’m weakest. In my personal relationships and my personal life” would be better served getting his personal life and personal relationships in order, focusing his efforts on being an involved father with his brand new baby, instead of concentrating on representing 4 million South Carolina citizens in the US Senate?

    5) Will your “baby mama” live in Washington DC with you or will she stay in Charleston?

    1. Kathryn Braun Fenner

      1. Because he did not expect to get caught.
      2. Narcissism and possibly greed.
      3.See 2.
      4. Obviously, no.

  2. Bryan Caskey

    “Will his bids for attention get more desperate as time passes and the members of his former party continue to ignore him?”

    I really hope so. It would be entertaining.

    I’m hoping his next move is to play up the puppet idea. You know, really run with it. Obviously, the best move is to have Ravenel come out with an actual hand-puppet so he can do a ventriloquist debate against Sen. Graham like in Lamb Chop’s Play-Along.

    Tell me you wouldn’t watch that. Heck, Ravenel could probably sell tickets.

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