All hope is lost? You sure? THEN STOP BOTHERING ME.


I think the hyperbole machine at the DCCC has outdone itself this time.

I mean, after “all hope is lost,” what’s left in the way of rhetoric designed to instill panic in the saps who give you money to crank out this pooge?

You can’t top this…

I’ve noticed that these emails have been slightly more hysterical than usual, since I’ve been back. One the other day was just totally freaking out because the Republicans had passed a budget. And I was like, Yeah, that’s what you’re supposed to do when elected to Congress. You’re supposed to pass a budget. I realize this is a new concept to you…

2 thoughts on “All hope is lost? You sure? THEN STOP BOTHERING ME.

  1. Brad Warthen Post author

    I find myself wondering sometimes whether there’s a single rational person working in that office. All it would take is one person who is sufficiently in touch with words and what they mean to say, “Ya know, if all hope is lost, there’s no point in doing anything. So maybe we should walk that back a bit…”

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