Come hear ‘nun on the bus’ Simone Campbell Tuesday

Remember Sister Simone Campbell, the representative of the “Nuns on the Bus” who spoke so eloquently at the Democratic National Convention in 2012?

Well, tomorrow night — Tuesday, Oct. 27 — she will deliver this year’s Cardinal Joseph Bernardin Lecture at USC’s Capstone at 6 p.m.

The title of her speech is “Bridge the Divides, Transform Politics: A View from the Bus.” From the flyer:

Campbell flyer

Come on out and listen. I expect it to be inspiring.

3 thoughts on “Come hear ‘nun on the bus’ Simone Campbell Tuesday

  1. Barry

    No thanks. If I want to hear a partisan speech, I’ll tune into Hillary, Bernie, Jeb, Marco, or Trump.

    “Every year, the Republican Party grows more closely identified with the agenda of conservative Catholic bishops, and vice versa. Unfortunately, too many bishops have been tempted by the allure of political power as they join America’s culture wars.”

    Sure Sister Campbell. After all, Catholic bishops have to be politically motivated to fight against a culture they see as falling apart.

    Sure….. smh…..

  2. Brad Warthen Post author

    Since Sr. Simone criticized the Paul Ryan budget in her 2012 speech, it will be particularly interesting to hear her now, with Ryan on the verge of becoming speaker of the House.

    As for my own view regarding Rep. Ryan and Catholic social teaching…

    Mr. Ryan embraces the concept of subsidiarity, as do I. However, his definition of the concept is in an important respect almost diametrically opposed to mine in its effect. I see it as something consistent with communitarianism (perhaps because it was originally presented to me in a communitarian context). Ryan sees it as supporting the libertarian point of view. This boggles my mind. All I can say in his defense is that he is not alone; the late Reid Buckley and the brother of the guy who played Paulie Walnuts on “The Sopranos” (OK, so “Paulie’s” brother is a priest, and not just some guy from the neighborhood) agreed with him.

    But these differences are sort of on the esoteric side compared to the from-the-heart objections that Sister Simone raises…


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