Is there such a thing as ‘Men’s spring wardrobe must-haves’?

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I’m serious here. Unless one is naked and freezing — or naked and therefore in danger of a ruinous social faux pas — how could there be such a thing as a “wardrobe must-have?”

I speak particularly from the perspective of a man — since that’s who this come-on assumes must have these things — but the same would seem to apply to women as well.

What wardrobe item, nakedness on a cold day aside, is necessary, to the extent that one’s existence is threatened without it? Under certain circumstances, perhaps, a pressure suit or a Kevlar vest or a crash helmet, but why must one have, for instance, chinos — or a light jacket, a button-down shirt, loafers or athletic shoes (those being the items specified in the email)?

I have no idea.

5 thoughts on “Is there such a thing as ‘Men’s spring wardrobe must-haves’?

  1. Lynn Teague

    Apparently your readers do not spend a lot of time worrying about wardrobe “must haves.”

    1. Claus

      So you’re saying that there is a lack of metrosexuals on this blog? Nobody getting mani-pedi’s, using moisturizers on their face daily, excited when the new Italian loafers come out every year, etc…?

  2. Assistant

    Look around, what are the majority of the young males in the area wearing? Flip-flops, shorts, and a baseball cap. The latter may be accessorized with shades.

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