Open Thread for Thursday, June 2, 2016


Very quickly — I need to run to a meeting…

  1. Paul Ryan backs Trump, ending a month-long holdout — OK, that’s that — we can remove Paul Ryan’s name from our list of Men of Respect in the Republican Party.
  2. John Crangle’s ‘Operation Lost Trust’ book explores dark chapter in SC Legislature — I may have to make a point of reading that. Although, you know, I lived it. That was an extremely intense time in my life as a newspaper editor.
  3. Haley supports removing Confederate flag from Citadel — Good for her. Not as big a deal as the State House one, but it has no business at a state institution.
  4. Clinton: Trump’s Foreign Policy ‘Incoherent’ — Duh.
  5. Prince died of opioid overdose, autopsy results show — Not terribly surprising, at this point.

10 thoughts on “Open Thread for Thursday, June 2, 2016

  1. Brad Warthen

    I’ve commented too much today. Need to give the rest of y’all a chance.

    I know you’re out there… I can see you on Google Analytics Realtime…

    1. Bryan Caskey

      What I like best about all my liberal friends is their tolerance and open-mindedness. 🙂

      1. Brad Warthen Post author


        This is one reason my liberal friends get so indignant when I engage in what they call false equivalence. Because they’re so righteous, and the other side is so unrelentingly evil and stupid.

        Of course, the right frequently IS evil and stupid. But so, sometimes, is the left…

  2. JesseS

    I’ve said it until I’m blue in the face, but if Haley really wants to deal with the flag at the Citadel she should urge the repeal the Heritage Act. It’s nothing but an excuse for endless political theater, divisiveness, and distraction in the state.

    1. Brad Warthen Post author

      Of COURSE that’s what should be done. But I’m not going to hold my breath.

      My sense of the situation is this: Lucas had to agree to protect all other symbols in order to keep his people in line and quickly pass the resolution to take down the flag. And at the time, that quick resolution was essential — I well remember my concern that everything would fall apart if the House didn’t act that very day. I felt sure that the momentum would fade away if there was any further delay. As the evening wore on, I was getting pretty panicky about it. Thank God for Jenny Horne’s tantrum, which sort of got things back on track.

      When his wingnuts said, “This is just the beginning of erasing all memory of the Confederacy,” Lucas had to be able to tell them, “No, it isn’t.” When they predicted that every other symbol would be under attack, he had to say “No, they won’t.” That kept the lid on their reactionary response.

      And now he’s stuck with it.

      On the whole, I think Lucas is a good speaker for our state. He has done and will do good things. But as long as he IS speaker, I don’t see the Heritage Act going away…

  3. Harry Harris

    Haley is pretty good at the headline issues – especially being visible at times when any good governor would do so. She has trouble with the nuts and bolts stuff where she actually does have some control, but finds ongoing problems harder than the surfaces show. She appoints some savior or guru, makes claims of how things will improve, then moves on to the next headline issue. Meanwhile, where are all of the local healthcare are clinics that were to make Medicaid expansion unnecessary? Why have several rural hospitals closed – and even more who serve poor communities struggle to stay open? DJJ problems anyone? Foster care? Sorry guys, but bond money for fixing highways DOES raise taxes – it’s not free.
    Taking down the flag at the Citadel won’t pay a medical bill, create a summer job for a student, fix a broken-up road, or stop racism. It will just grab headlines for a time.

  4. Jeff Mobley

    Brad, I don’t know whether you’ve already written about this, but I stumbled upon a piece in the Washington Post from May 6 that features a some brutal criticism of James Flowers, the challenger in the Richland County Sheriff race.

    This other piece, which I saw first, and which led me to the one I mentioned above, mentions both Lott and Flowers.

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