The WSJ headline that, by definition, states a lie


Joe Azar, via one of his regular mass emails, brings my attention to this impossible, self-negating headline in The Wall Street Journal:

The Press Buries Hillary Clinton’s Sins

So, somebody please ‘splain to me: If it’s in The Wall Street Journal, how could the press be burying it?

I understand when some loudmouth barfly spouts something like this. As bizarre as it is, I’m getting used to having a major party presidential nominee spout such paranoia.

But it takes a lot of nerve, or cognitive disconnect, or something for a columnist at one of the most widely read newspapers in the country to say something, and say “the press” is burying it. At least they could have added a parenthetical “(until now)” to give it a patina of plausibility…

7 thoughts on “The WSJ headline that, by definition, states a lie

  1. Brad Warthen Post author

    By the way, I read it, and it went kind of like this…

    Yadda-yadda emails… yadda-yadda FBI… yadda-yadda Clinton Foundation… yadda-yadda Benghazi… yadda-yadda…

    I read it and go yeah… uh-huh… knew that… not surprised… you sure about that?… yeah, that wasn’t great… where’s the news?

    And now I’ll cut to the chase: There’s not one thing in it that in any way changes the fact that Hillary Clinton is the only normal, qualified human on the planet standing between us and the nightmare of a President Donald Trump.


  2. Douglas Ross

    So how about if the headline read “Majority of Mainstream Press Ignores Hillary’s Sins”? That would be true.

    I am wondering what they are going to do when Trump loses? How many months will they keep going after Trump? Every liberal media outlet has made Trump the story for six months. Guess it will be back to bashing people who don’t want to pay taxes to support people unwilling to help themselves.

    1. bud

      Ignores Hillary’s sins????? No ones sins have been more scrutinized more than Hillary Clinton. Geez what a ridiculous charge!

  3. bud

    It’s the Wall Street Journal. Not sure why anyone is surprised at this. This is something Fox News does all the time, blaming the media even though they ARE the media.

  4. Bill

    I see that The State has jumped on the band wagon with the WSJ and is now offering a platform to election-rigged-by-the-media conspiracy mongers:

    So may as well do a mea culpa and admit to being part of the vast anti-Trump conspiracy, too!

    Seriously, though, this is as sad as several years ago when The State ran an op-ed by white nationalist, Jared Taylor.

  5. Bart

    This is an apropos observation from “Random Stuff I Find Funny, Interesting, and/or Inspiring”

    “Ummm…Can we just admit we may have taken this “anybody can grow up to be President” thing a bit too far?”

    Sorta covers the choices the voters have in November.


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