Has someone decided to burn down the country literally, as well as figuratively?


Actually, no, as WIS reports

That smoke you see or smell in the Midlands is likely coming from wildfires burning in western North Carolina and northeast Georgia.

One such fire has resulted in the evacuation of the areas near Lake Lure, NC.

A front moving through the area has picked up some of that smoke and has created some hazy conditions.

“Visibility is reduced and people with respiratory issues should be extra cautious outdoors for the rest of the afternoon,” said WIS First Alert Meteorologist Ben Tanner. “Until the wind speed increases mid/late afternoon, smoke will continue to be a problem.”…

So, we have this to contend with as well. I just pass it on, thinking y’all might have been as curious as I was…

5 thoughts on “Has someone decided to burn down the country literally, as well as figuratively?

  1. clark surratt

    Speaking of burning down, if the 80 percent stock meltdown happens, as in your advertisment above., then the fire at Like Lure — or any other news for that matter — will hardly matter.

    1. Brad Warthen Post author

      I’m not seeing that. But then, Google Adsense shows different ads to different people…

      Speaking of which, my local advertisers did pretty well in the election. Only Frank Barron was clearly defeated, and he had a serious handicap, running against a Republican incumbent in Lexington County…

      1. clark surratt

        Sorry about the worthless link, and I’ll get off this. The ad on your blog is from some outfit called The Sovereign Investor. Of course, your ads move about on your blog design.

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