All hail Donaeld the Unready, King of Mercia!

I’ve mentioned before how much I enjoy, in building my family tree, finding ancestors with fun nicknames, such as “Strongbow,” and “Horse-Swapping Billy Smith” and “Shaggy-Breeches.”

The very best sobriquets are the medieval ones — just the best, terrific, believe me. They’re just so… direct. For instance, I am descended from the following: Charles the FatCharles the BaldCharles the HammerCharles the Beloved and Charles the Wise. And that’s just the Charleses. (All are direct ancestors except the Fat, who is just a cousin, but I couldn’t leave him out.)

Take that current obsession and combine it with my enjoyment of such TV shows as “Vikings” and “The Last Kingdom,” and you just know that I would love this Twitter parody, “Donaeld the Unready“:


As you can see, Donaeld is “The best early medieval King out there. I’m just great. I’m the bretwalda. The bestwalda. I’ve got great swords, everyone says so. Make Mercia Great Again.”

Some of his recent Tweets:


4 thoughts on “All hail Donaeld the Unready, King of Mercia!

  1. Brad Warthen Post author

    Come on, now, y’all — this was FUN!

    If it didn’t make fun of Trump, I’ll bet Claus would like it — you’re a fan of “Vikings,” too, right?

    I’ve got to get back to it. Still in the middle of the second season. I’m making myself wait until I start working out again to watch it — the episodes are a good length for a workout…

    1. Brad Warthen Post author

      And some of them aren’t at all silly. Banning the longships is a pretty good goal — from an English perspective.

      But unlikely to be effective.

      My ancestor King Ælla of Northumbria would probably have been all for it.

      My ancestor Ragnar would have laughed at it…

      1. Brad Warthen Post author

        Of course, if the Vikings had just been entering the country to pick the Englishmen’s crops and build their houses and work in their chicken-processing plants for low wages, I doubt they’d have had nearly as big a problem with it.

        But maybe they would have. People are funny…

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