Hey, look! A male model I can identify with…

model male

A lot of women have celebrated the arrival on the modern scene of plus-size models. But Madison Avenue has not bothered to come up with male models who look like normal, ruggedly handsome guys like me — until now.

I saw the above ad on the New York Times website this morning. Don’t you think the guy on the right is a dead ringer — either for me or David Letterman?

Of course, I don’t have the beard at the moment, but maybe it’s time it made a reappearance.

I feel so… validated….

bearded one


11 thoughts on “Hey, look! A male model I can identify with…

  1. Richard

    Boy you’re all over the places these days on topics. Do you just pick up a magazine and write on the topic of any given page you open it to? You see a guy with a beard, “Well that someone, kinda, if you look at it with a squint in bad light with your bifocals off, may slightly look like me… I mean he’s a white guy with a gray beard, close enough.”

    1. Brad Warthen Post author

      Yep. Whatever strikes me.

      And sometimes y’all take an interest in stuff that I would NEVER thought you would. But even if you don’t, I have fun with it…

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