A guy who really enjoys some retail politics


On a previous post, I said something about James Smith liking the retail politicking way better than the unfun stuff like making fundraising calls. Which of course makes him, well, human.

Someone said he didn’t seem that way at the Gallivants Ferry Stump meeting last spring, that he seemed kind of standoffish there.

Well… I can’t speak for the primary campaign. But during the general, when I was working for him, what I saw was a guy who really dug meeting people. In support of that, I’ll just share a very few of the pictures I pumped out, a couple of dozen a day, on social media.

When it came to interacting with regular folks, I can only think of one guy who might enjoy it more than James, and that’s his longtime political mentor, in the front row of this picture I took on Oct. 13:


One thought on “A guy who really enjoys some retail politics

  1. Doug T

    Run Joe Run. I met him a couple of times during the 2008 primary. Did the sign thing for him at the Charleston debate.

    No Dem can relate to or bring back the blue collar working people that Trump peeled away to beat Hillary. I hope the Dems don’t go for glitz and glamor. We need Uncle Joe.

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