Rep. Hart underlines silliness of the ‘wall’ nonissue

Here’s a release with a silly headline about a silly bill mocking something equally, you know, silly:

unnamed (2)

I only have one beef with it: I had to show you the release as a picture, rather than copying and pasting text, because it wasn’t sent in a text form.

Which is inconvenient. And irritating. And perhaps silly as well…

As to the merits of the measure that the Democrats are filibustering — I have no idea. Don’t know why Republicans are for it; don’t know why Democrats are against it. Don’t much care. Here’s a Tweet about it; that’s all I’ve got:

One thought on “Rep. Hart underlines silliness of the ‘wall’ nonissue

  1. Norm Ivey

    I don’t much care about this bill, either. It’s a so what? bill.

    When some shares a post like this–a pdf that’s really just an image–it’s often because they used some sort of 3rd party tool to create the pdf. A pdf that’s created directly from a source (like Word or Google Docs) or created in a genuine pdf program will be in text form. Such documents (the image-based ones) break the rules for internet accessibility for disabled persons. Screen readers can’t read them. Governmental agencies and personnel should know better.

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