Your thoughts on the last debate likely to count?

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It was the 10th debate, which is about nine more than I wanted to watch. Except for Bloomberg, I feel like I got what I was going to get out of these events loooong ago. And seeing Bloomberg in the last two wasn’t all that edifying, either.


Anyway, that’s that. We vote here in South Carolina on Saturday, and practically everyone else does (or so it seems) a week from now.

So how did you think it went?

You can see what I had to say on my Twitter feed. But I’ll use this ranking from Chris Cillizza just as a conversation-starter, not that I necessarily agree with it entirely:

So what did you think?

7 thoughts on “Your thoughts on the last debate likely to count?

  1. Bryan Caskey

    Every single candidate steamrolled over the moderators. No one respected the time limits, and they were all raising their hands every single time like kids in school.

    My biggest takeaway is that the debates need to empower the moderators more. The moderators should be able to just turn off someone’s microphone at the end of time, or better yet, the microphone automatically turns off at the end of the time.

    Biden seemed to be the most inclined to follow the debate rules, which I liked, as someone whose daily job is application of rules and standards to life.

    1. Brad Warthen Post author

      Biden’s been following the rules all along, and chafing from the fact that no one else would. He’s mentioned it in debate after debate.

      Last night, he’d had enough, and said if no one else would follow the rules, neither would he.

      A number of people have commented on this after recent debates, seeming bemused at poor ole Uncle Joe trying to follow correct procedures.

      I think I understand why Joe has been so conscious of the time limits that he keeps mentioning them. I think the folks preparing him for debates have hammered consciously of the limits into him over and over. Why? Because he’s Joe Biden. He’s a talker. The first time I met Joe he dropped by our offices (at my invitation; he wasn’t imposing) and, with no particular agenda, talked for about two-and-a-half hours. He has been similarly loquacious on subsequent occasions.

      He just won’t stop talking unless he’s really drilled it into himself that he has to hold to a limit.

      While others have praised the misbehavior of the other candidates and dismissed Joe as seeming passive, I’ve been admiring his discipline. He has to work at it…

    2. Barry

      Most Americans don’t care about the rules of a debate if their own candidate does well.

      Trump steamrolled and Personally insulted his opponents, badly insulted a female moderator, and conservatives loved every second of it enough to hand him the nomination.

  2. bud

    I agree with Bryan. This was not pretty. Elizabeth Warren had her worst performance. Why bring up an unprovable allegation. For what its worth I’ll give Biden the win on this one. Although he had his moments. Saying 150 million people have died of gun violence in recent years is a typical Biden gaff. But I’m sure he mean 150k. Perhaps good enough to get him over 30%.


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