Oh, and here’s where I put my bumper sticker

truck Biden

Having shown you my yard signs, I figured I’d show you one of my bumper stickers… especially since I know y’all have been breathless with anticipation ever since I wrote this post.

(Hey, at least y’all took an interest in that one. It got more than 50 comments, and I can’t scare up an audience this week for love or money. Where’d y’all all go?)

As I wondered what to do several months ago, I wrote:

Anyway, now I have to figure out where to put my Biden sticker. My first thought is to put it right in the middle, but then my tailgate will be 2/3 Democratic. Which is not the effect I’m going for. But then, does that matter, since Joe is running in the Democratic Primary? I mean, what do I care what Republicans think in this context? Worrying about being perfectly bipartisan is more about worrying about what people think of ME, isn’t it? And that shouldn’t be a factor.

I could put it over the Smith sticker, since the campaign’s over and all, but I won’t do that. My experience last year is something I’m proud of, and I’m going to continue to wear it on my sleeve. Or tailgate.

Anyway, look how shiny and new it still is. It looks good. By contrast, Micah’s sticker has faded considerably…

I saw Micah this morning, and I guess I should have asked him for a fresh one to replace that one. You can’t see the red strip where it says, “Republican.”

You see that I did what I was thinking about back then — put Joe right in the middle.

I think it looks good there…


5 thoughts on “Oh, and here’s where I put my bumper sticker

  1. Mark Stewart

    It’s shaping up to tough vote for Saturday… a couple of hell no’s and a couple of serious question marks. I am going to watch this debate.

    As far as races that will matter in SC and nationally – Jamie Harrison for Senate.

  2. Doug T

    Volunteered for Joe at the State Dem convention and grabbed a couple of yard signs. Some of my neighbors don’t wave to me anymore. Oh well.

    Spent the past 2 evenings at Biden phone bank making calls. Not a job for those who can’t take rejection. I really don’t enjoy it but I’m not gonna wonder afterward if I could have done more. It will be over soon and there are no do-overs.

    Let’s Go Joe!!!

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