Whaddya mean, ‘travel day?’

Sometimes, the tweet is really all I want to say…


13 thoughts on “Whaddya mean, ‘travel day?’

    1. Brad Warthen Post author

      How can you say that about the World Series?

      Oh, wait… you mean the debate… 🙂

      Of course, on the Series… I’m really, really disappointed that the Braves aren’t in it. But not so disappointed I’m not rooting for the Dodgers.

      It’s a little hard for me to be against a team with Mookie Betts on it…

  1. Barry

    Go donate to Joe through ActBlue. It being debate night, this is the last big push- even if it’s only $10.

    I’m not watching the debate but donating is a good idea.

      1. Brad Warthen Post author

        Well, I TRIED, but for a couple of minutes now, my phone’s been saying, “Hang tight, we’re working on it!”

        That should be a semicolon instead of a comma, shouldn’t it?

        1. Norm Ivey

          Yes, it should. That’s become one of the most common errors I see in print now. I don’t like it; it causes me distress.

        2. Brad Warthen Post author

          You know, I don’t think I ever DID make that contribution. So far, there’s no sign in my checking account that I did.

          Of course, sometimes those are delayed for a couple of days…

  2. Barry

    I’m not watching the debate. I’m watching the live blogging from FiveThirtyEight. Much more enjoyable.

  3. bud

    Just watched the debate. Thank god this torture is over. Trump lies over and over again. Biden wasn’t great but he was generally truthful and came across as a man who really cares about the American people. Trump is just a lying, incompetent, rude nyncompoop.

    1. bud

      The whole coyotes lie was just unbearable. Trump’s policy was to separate children from their parents. Atrocious lie. Just a disgusting human being.

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