Henry’s knee jerks in response to being outstupided by Texas


I’m not going to say a lot about this, because it’s just more of the same. And as you know, I gave all I had trying to get South Carolina to elect the other guy a couple of years back.

But it’s indeed pathetic, and appalling, and will likely lead to a few more of my fellow South Carolinians dying. Beyond that, I’ll post this so y’all can elaborate if you’d like.

So we had what the governor of Texas did the other day. I have trouble remembering his name, but I remember the fact that whenever I read or hear it, it’s in connection with him doing or saying something phenomenally stupid. This time, it was him saying, “It is now time to open Texas 100 percent.

Well, Henry McMaster wasn’t going to stand still for being outstupided by Texas. So we got this:

South Carolinians will no longer be required to wear face masks inside state-owned buildings or inside restaurants when not eating or drinking under Gov. Henry McMaster’s latest COVID-19 order Friday.

The governor’s latest announcement follows the steady decline of new virus cases and mass vaccination efforts. But it also comes after other states, including Texas, have lifted their own mask mandates over criticism from public health leaders.

In the same order, McMaster also asked state agency directors to pull together and submit plans to bring employees back to the office full time….

Oh, by the way — I’m not sure “outstupided” is a word. But it should be. No, wait! Here it is. Good. I think we’re going to be needing it going forward. Too bad we didn’t have it in wide circulation over the last four years.

Oh, by the way, in related news:

Notice how he didn’t say, “former President?”…

15 thoughts on “Henry’s knee jerks in response to being outstupided by Texas

  1. Doug T

    Coincidentally a state legislator this morning told me about the update on mask status. I didn’t know it changed. Unfortunately he informed me after I told him I hoped McMaster wouldn’t try to match Greg Abbott.

    Of course the legislator was not wearing a mask and was amidst a group of people. I had on my M95 although I’ve already received my 2 vaccine shots.

    I understand the degree of shutdown or school openings can be debated, but masks? C’mon.

    I really don’t understand.

  2. Ken

    America: Land of Freedumb.

    I use the local Walmart to appraise public compliance with masking. Up until the surge last summer, compliance maxed out at around 60 or 70%. Then the surge put the fear of God in people and compliance went up to 100%. But as of two weeks ago, I noticed several people in the store without masks, somewhere between 10 and 20%. All the talk of immunizations and dropping restrictions has people led people to conclude that it’s ok to go without. Restaurants are at full capacity, shopping is going full-bore, even the local playhouse is having performances, The only place that seems like it’s still taking things seriously is the public library.

  3. Philip Cheney

    Well, there are half-faced mask wearers with their noses exposed. I saw my Congressman’s district manager half-masked at an Office Depot the other day
    BEFORE our Guvnor declared that we were safe. These variants arriving from around the world are troubling – even for those who have already had two shots.

  4. James Edward Cross

    Between the variants, spring break, Easter, and the idiocy of the governors it is likely we will see a fourth surge, which will mean instead of being able to begin relaxing restrictions sometime during the summer it will be fall until that happens. Biden says we will have enough vaccine for everyone by May but people fail to understand that it will take time to distribute it.
    And of course the Republicans will blame the extended restrictions on the Democrats. For a party that loves to lecture people about the taking responsibility for the consequences of their actions they seem very reluctant to apply that to themselves.

  5. Barry

    The nutty things out a Trump endorsement is the realization that if McMaster had said one negative thing about Trump, Trump would have written a letter ripping Henry apart like Trump did Karl Rove.

    It’s 100% transactional with Trump.

    Rove- a guy Trump relied on- quietly- for election advice late in the campaign when things didn’t look good. A man who was also appearing on Fox News at the time talking up Trump to the Fox audience with Fox disclosing he was working to elect Trump.

  6. Doug Ross

    47 days in and Joe Biden has had zero press conferences. By the same point, Trump had 5, Obama 2, and Bush 3.

    It’s almost like his handlers don’t want to put him out there to say something dumb like when he said COVID would be a problem until Christmas a few weeks ago and has already backtracked to July. Or maybe he’d say again that teachers could go back to classrooms if they hired three times as many to make class sizes smaller.

    I’m guessing Kamala is already picking out drapes for the Oval Office.

    1. Brad Warthen Post author

      Wow. Do you have a new job on the side working for the Trump crowd? Talking about reaching to come up with something negative…

      Most of us are seeing Joe plenty, and it’s just one good thing after another.

      By the way, E.J. had a nice piece on the way Joe is steering us away from Kulturkampf

      1. Brad Warthen Post author

        That’s something I hadn’t thought about in those terms, but it speaks pretty directly to why Joe’s my guy. He’s the only guy we’ve seen lately in either party who would lead us this way…

      2. Brad Warthen Post author

        Oh, and for Doug, a small point E.J.’s column made in passing:

        No wonder anti-Biden paraphernalia sold so poorly at the CPAC meeting, as The Post’s David Weigel reported. “I can’t give the Biden stuff away,” mourned merchandizer David Solomon….

        This of course is why Trump feared Joe, and committed an impeachable offense (one of many, but the first for which he was actually impeached) to try to knock him out of the running…

    2. Barry

      I’m tickled Joe has not had a press conference. I hated to see he might have one soon.

      I’m also pleased that he has reinstituted 5 day a week press conferences for his press secretary. This is the proper way to delivery news from the administration.

      I like that style- after hearing from Trump numerous times a day for years, it’s nice to have a President that simply does his job, doesn’t watch hours of Fox each day, and doesn’t need to be insulting everyone hour after hour.

  7. Brad Warthen Post author

    In retrospect, I probably should have made a separate post out of Henry being “incredibly grateful” to be endorsed by the only president in history to be impeached twice. Instead of just making it a sort of postscript to Henry’s stupid mask announcement.

    It says so much about the mental and moral sickness that still grips that (almost) half of the country:

    1. First, the fact that Trump isn’t even slightly ashamed of himself, and will do something like this so soon after leaving office in unprecedented (that word again) disgrace. Of course, we don’t expect better from him. The striking thing is that the country as a whole is so different, so degraded. Remember how long Nixon hid himself away after resigning? Of course, he wasn’t even impeached once, because he had the decency to remove himself. Both of them, of course, were reacting to the reality they see around them. Not only was Nixon a better man than Trump, but we were a better country, with higher standards (as hard as that might be to believe when you look back and see what we were wearing in the ’70s).
    2. Second, that we have a governor who has built what political capital he has by demonstrating his slavish devotion to that nimrod. He became governor by being the first statewide elected official to endorse him, for which he was compensated by Trump naming our absurdly unqualified then-governor to the U.N. And now, his strategy is to continue to cling to Trump. And of course, he has every reason to believe this will work for him, because just as the country has sunk shamefully low, South Carolina has sunk even lower.
    3. Finally, none of this would be happening if not for the aforementioned mental and moral rot afflicting the part of the electorate that chooses these guys, and sticks by them. Trump could go live in a cave, and Henry could go with them, and we could never hear from them again — and we would still have this enormous problem…
  8. bud

    About the press conferences, I hadn’t noticed. He speaks all the time on specific issues. His press secretary and others are delivering useful information every day. I thought the brown suit “scandal” was laughable but this no press conference thing just brings a smile to my face. Fox News really has nothing.

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