Hey, I got my stitches out!


More than that, I’ve been typing for a couple of days now (instead of dictating to my computer or phone), and — hallelujah! — operating the mouse with my right hand.

They want me to remain very careful, and wear the splint that the occupational therapist molded for me (see below) whenever I’m up and moving about. And it’s still going to be a while before I can resume the project on the deck that caused this to happen.

But I’m making good progress. And yes, they took out the stitches today. I had my doubts about that, since the injury had bled a little when I took a shower this morning (a tricky process), and it bled a slight bit more as they were removing the stitches. But the orthopedic surgeon said it was normal for “a drop,” as she put it, to leak out while removing stitches, and now was the time. And I shouldn’t be alarmed that it looked like the cuts were trying to gap open in places — that was good; what was happening was that it was healing from the inside out.

Here’s a picture, for the strong of stomach, of what it looked like once the stitches were out. And here’s a bonus: an Extreme Close-up, as Wayne and Garth would say. (By the way, my nails are not technically dirty. That’s stubborn dried blood that’s going to take more scrubbing than I have had the nerve to do. Maybe I should soak them in Palmolive first. That’s what Madge would recommend.)

Anyway, I’m feeling good about it, considering how this started. I actually typed, with both hands, that Cunningham post last night, and now this. So who knows what I’ll accomplish next?…


I generally only put this on when I’m sleeping or leaving the house or such — or taking this picture.

8 thoughts on “Hey, I got my stitches out!

  1. Brad Warthen Post author

    This addendum is just for Bryan…

    My daughter asked me via text whether it hurt to get the stitches out. I said “a little,” but that it was OK.

    She asked the natural question, “Would Dr. Maturin have done it better?”

    I responded that “He might have taken my hand off. Or at least bled me for awhile.”

    Of course, he would have given me laudanum first, so maybe I wouldn’t have cared….

    1. Bryan Caskey

      I don’t think the Doctor would have taken your hand. An ordinary ship’s doctor of lesser abilities, perhaps. Glad you are on the mend, mate. We’ll get you back on full duty, soon.

      1. Brad Warthen Post author

        If he HAD, he’d have whipped it off as easy as kiss my, you know, hand

        He’s a real physician, he is. Wouldn’t see you on land for less than a guinea….

  2. Kathleen

    Lovely to see! The hand is looking pretty darn good and the skin seems to be healing apace. I admit to avoiding the blog for a few days to avoid unpleasant news. My husband had a recent toe injury involving woodwork and his healing toe nail is still “dirty” at this point. I look forward to pictures of the finished project and heartily hope for no more unpleasant interruptions.

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