Oh, yeah? Well, YOU spelled your name wrong…

I haven’t been posting any scores from the Slate news quiz lately, for two reasons:

  1. I really don’t like the new format. Try it, and see what you think.
  2. My scores really, really suck. This may be because of my recent aversion to pretty much all the news I encounter, thereby causing me to read less of it. But that’s probably not all of it.

See if you can do better. Actually, I expect a bag of hammers could do better.

Even that kid they call their “audience engagement editor” did better. Way better. But I comfort myself with the observation that she doesn’t even know how to spell her own name. I mean our own name… whatever…

13 thoughts on “Oh, yeah? Well, YOU spelled your name wrong…

      1. Brad Warthen Post author

        Something about that link…

        It reminds me of one of the things I don’t like about the new quiz format. You’ll notice that I just gave you the link to the page that has links to all the recent quizzes.

        That’s because if I clicked on THIS week’s quiz, I wouldn’t get a fresh version for someone to start with. Instead, it gives me the one that I’ve already done, with all my answers already given.

        Which really bugs me, because I can no longer do what I used to do, to test myself. I would take the test and get whatever score I got. Then I would refresh the page, and start over, to see if I got 100 percent. In other words, to make sure my 67-year-old brain was learning.

        I was always pleased with the result, and found it reassuring.

        Now they won’t let me do that.

        Wait… maybe I’ll go try it on another browser…

        1. Brad Warthen Post author

          Yay! I went over and did it on Firefox, and it worked!

          But this still sucks. That’s an awkward, long workaround to do something I used to do easily, right away.

          Bring back the old quiz format!

      1. Brad Warthen Post author

        And of course, as I tend to do, I outsmarted myself by being slow and careful.

        There were two where my first thought was the right answer, but I thought a bit longer and picked something else.

        But I also mess myself up if I go too fast. I have to hit just the right rhythm to do well…

  1. Barry

    That one was way too easy

    Quiz complete!

    You answered 12 out of 12 questions correctly and received 541 points.

  2. Scout

    I got 9 out of 12 and 395 pts. I am also slow, so I try to scan quickly and then miss things and end up taking longer. I also completely guessed on a few and got lucky – like Llama nanobodies – what on Earth is that? I was surprised I knew as many as I did because I really have been tuning out news lately too.

    I’ve been listening to music instead like this song from Weezer which seems to also recommend avoiding the news in an oblique sort of way:


    1. Brad Warthen Post author

      Count on me to show support for
      Winston Smith in 1984
      ‘Cause battling Big Brother feels more meaningful
      Than binging zombie hordes
      Take me off to Neverland
      Hanging with your Yossarian
      He’s kind of just like me
      We fight ’til we get free
      I’m gonna rock my audible
      Headphone Grapes of Wrath
      Drift off to oblivion
      I just don’t care, I just don’t care

      The problem is, though, that I DO care. That’s what makes me so fed up with the news I see. I CARE, and it’s so very painful and alienating to see things I care about ruined by people addressing them so stupidly.

      Anyway… as the song suggests, maybe my alienation toward news will turn me back toward books, which I’ve neglected for years.

      That could be a very, very good thing…

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