Thanksgiving Week Art Thread

The Hunters’ Supper – Frederic Remington

By Bryan Caskey

Happy Thanksgiving Week, campers. I hope you enjoy the time off. I have always liked Frederic Remington’s works. Since it’s Thanksgiving week, I thought this painting of the hunters cooking was somewhat appropriate.

Feel free to use the comments to talk about any other art (any medium) that you relate to Thanksgiving.

28 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Week Art Thread

    1. Bobby Amundson

      My Dad was plant manager here in Cuba (New York) – Agony (Acme) Electric. I worked at the plant during one summer; Union. The contract was being renegotiated that summer. Why was Dad p***ed when I spoke up to STRIKE. THE MAN! Doug is right; I am crazy. I became an Officer and a Gentleman; we all a tad touched. 😉

        1. Bobby Amundson

          I have the Morrison baritone voice with range. I am alive; he is not. Close call at times …

          Brad prolly remembers Morrison’s Dad was a Naval Officer, I think an O-6 (Captain) like Captain Warthen.

          Living on the edge; riding the wave; in Naval Aviation it is called pushing the envelope. It is addicting; it is dangerous. That’s why I want peace.

          My girl is in Egypt – tough Thanksgiving. Touch me my Queen Victoria. Really; dreams do come true if you believe. My black German Shepard Cleopatra; these are my strangest times.

          1. Bobby Amundson

            BTW flirting virtually is exciting. Anticipation; syncopation; key changes; etc. Music!

            Call me Bob please. My family calls me Bobby. I am the very reluctant elder and trying to accept that role. I am just TOO CRAZY!

            Happy Thanksgiving my friends.

            ‘;” -Bob-

  1. Bart

    My taste in art is eclectic, without any preference for one over the other with the exception of a few impressionists. What my wife and I enjoyed were the days spent at Brookgreen Gardens enjoying the artwork, mostly original, some produced by resident artists at Atalaya, home of Anna Hyatt Huntington.

    On the FWIW, I was the project manager and chief estimator for “The Fountain of the Muses” aka “Aganippe: The Fountain of the Muses”. The muses were commissioned for a fountain located inside the Metropolitan Museum but decommissioned when the Museum was renovated. The nine muses were relocated to Brookgreen afterwards and located in a new pool. I made it a point to source as many local materials as possible and use all local subcontractors.

    If you haven’t taken a day to visit Brookgreen Gardens, it is worth the time to make the drive and enjoy one of South Carolinas treasures. Not sure if Atalaya is still open to the public but if it is, the drive across Hwy 17 to Huntington Beach is another visit worthwhile.

      1. Bart

        Good post, good points. I can understand Brad’s emotions after the loss of his father and know that he will never stop missing his Dad. The past two plus years have not removed the sense of loss after my wonderful and beautiful wife, Linda, passed away. But, with the sense of loss comes a sense of peace knowing we had 54 years together and lived through the good times and bad times without real regrets. This Thanksgiving, I will give thanks for what I have been blessed with and for the opportunities I have had in my lifetime.

        I am thankful I live in this nation, a nation that in spite of the flaws and mistakes along the way has still been able to be a more positive influence on the world than a negative. I think about the great achievements this nation has provided to the world that probably would not have happened if not for the perseverance, determination, entrepreneurship, fight for freedom and independence, working to correct mistakes, fighting a civil war to end slavery – the only nation in history to do so, and all of the other things that are important in life. It will be a day of honest thanks, not one lamenting our differences but being thankful that we can have differences and still live side by side when reasonable minds and hearts decide to work together.

        When we sit down to dine on the food provided by our labors with family and friends, if we cannot be thankful for what we have, then maybe it is time for the ones who lament the problems over the positives should not partake of the bounty offered by this nation, even if the bounty consists of nothing but a plate of beans and rice.

        1. Bobby Amundson

          Thanks Brother Bill. You (and many others; I am THANKFUL) inspire me. Family. Local. Old; but new. Multicultural and Diverse.

          Bart, you wrote beautifully about loss. Loss can drive creativity. True survivors know. Have faith Brother Bart

          Happy Thanksgiving to the blog family. Let’s disagree; please, more kindness, more respect. Am I right?

      2. Bart

        Thanks Bill! Great photo of one of the muses. A project completed with great satisfaction that contributed to the beauty of Brookgreen Gardens.

  2. Bobby Amundson

    I love beauty; I wish it was easier to post “content” on this blog – stories are told best using multimedia.

    Beauty is a Country giving Thanks Together. I don’t care for turkey, but beauty is a nicely roasted “bird.”

    Beauty is family at least having a chance to give thanks together; many families (like Brad’s) will have empty chairs.

    Beauty is hope. I see hope as a fundamental opposite of cynicism; but Schrödinger’s cat. Dilemmas. Anil Seth argues convincingly that our personal perception is a hallucination; what is it though when we interact with another person who is hallucinating.

    Beauty – thought experiments. Einstein. Quantum Mechanics. LIfe. Dark Matter and Dark Energy; what are they? What percentage (85% – really?). It is so clear that as the pace of change increased, confusion also increased.

    Beauty is understanding the more I know, the less I know. That results in faith (right Bart?).

    Beauty is being humble, being generous, being kind; living by important values.

    To end, beauty is a sense of safety. I wish to all “Creatures Great and Small” a safe Thanksgiving.

  3. Bobby Amundson

    It was nice to focus on art; we found common ground.

    This blog is History; so many brilliant people write on this blog. Some of you seem to be a**holes; of course mR; pURRfeckless has never EVER been perceived (CALLED?) the same. Never.

    Never and always. Binary black and white old fashioned thinking. Our future is Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle, Quantum Computing (QBits); Block Chain data bases.

    Captain Warthen, Sir. I salute you. I hated my time in the Navy; I am a VERY RELUCTANT Officer; but a Gentleman. Yes Sir; I am thankful.

    Thanks Captain; with out you no Brad. Never too many degrees of separation (lesson from genealogy). Thanks to the Fictive Warthen Mostly Virtual Family!

    Fictive = “Fictive kinship is a term used by anthropologists and ethnographers to describe forms of kinship or social ties that are based on neither consanguineal (blood ties) nor affinal (“by marriage”) ties. It contrasts with true kinship ties.” Hi League of Women Voters (and so much more) Lynn!

    Happy Thanksgiving all y’all (you guys). BTW, writing prepares me for THIS: We (the Bills) Tailgate Harder Than Your Team Plays (Clemson South Carolina this weekend ;-)). Go Bills; grils jest gotta has funn! Right my PRECIOUS …


    1. Bobby Amundson

      Holy S**t was REALLY my first reaction. BRILLIANT! Major? …

      I really don’t have time to figure out how to do what you are doing; I don’t have time to do …

      Yes I do. I’ll keep trying DANG IT!


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