Yeah, I was wondering about Lindsey…

When Trump and 18 others were indicted in Atlanta, I immediately wondered, “Where’s Lindsey Graham’s name?”

After all, remember all that fuss about him being subpoenaed to testify over there, and before that, his calls to Brad Raffensberger? I mean, after Trump himself, I sort of expected him to be the next guy on prosecutors’ list. Or maybe third, after Rudy.

Well, now we get some of the story:

ATLANTA — An Atlanta-area special grand jury that spent months investigating alleged 2020 election interference in Georgia by Donald Trump and his allies agreed that the former president should be indicted in the case and also recommended charging one of Trump’s closest associates, Sen. Lindsey O. Graham (R-S.C.), and 37 other people — a far larger group than a prosecutor ultimately charged.

The recommendations were contained in a 26-page final report presented in January to Fulton County District Attorney Fani T. Willis (D) and made public by a judge Friday….

The document offered some rare insight into parts of an investigation typically marked by secrecy — not just on those who were indicted but also those who weren’t. But the report, which is not legally binding, does not include the evidence or reasoning behind the grand jury’s thinking, though testimony transcripts and evidence are likely to emerge as part of the criminal proceedings against those who were ultimately charged in the case….

I wonder why they didn’t press charges against Lindsey…

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  1. Mark Huguley

    According to Issac Bailey’s column this morning, the prosecutorial decision was based on the absence of audio recordings between Lindsey Graham and Raffensperger that are as clear as those with Trump. Bailey says Graham should be facing charges, too. He adds, “Because of men like Graham, a large segment of the Republican Party is convinced Trump won in 2020 and is being unfairly prosecuted in 2023.” Graham did not respect the Georgia investigation and tried to avoid testifying before the grand jury. So much for claims of states’ rights and sovereignty!

      1. Brad Warthen Post author

        It would be really nice if people would go back to letting you look at three free columns a month.

        I really don’t understand why they don’t. If you don’t let people sample your content, why would they buy?

  2. Doug Ross

    As much as I hate Lindsey, the reason he wasn’t indicted was because even these most heavily biased prosecutors couldn’t invent a crime over what he did. It’s going to be embarrassing enough to try and turn tweets and public statements into some sort of conspiracy…

    This whole nonsense is a political shakedown… exposing hypocrites like Stacey Adams and everyone who claimed Hillary had the election stolen n 2016.

    Democrats are setting themselves up for the same treatment in the future. Next year, we will see Biden impeachment proceedings and Hunter Biden going to jail.

    1. Barry

      As Dan Abrams (and others) have said, it would have be pretty simple for the DA in Georgia to indict Lindsey if she was as biased as right wingers accuse her of being. No one would have stopped her from doing so. But she didn’t.

      Per the Georgia Sec of State, he said he believed Lindsey was pressuring him to get rid of legally cast votes for Joe Biden.

      If a Democrat Sec of State was saying that James Clyburn was pressuring him to get rid of Trump votes, Doug and right wingers would be calling for the death penalty.

      That’s the word of the Republican Sec of State who said he believed he was pressuring him to throw out legal votes.

      Stacey Abrams didn’t pressure anyone to throw away legally cast votes- nor has any official testified that she did so- unlike Lindsey Graham.

      I hope we do see impeachment proceedings against President Biden. I think that would be a wonderful gift the Republican hand to Joe to help his re-election bid.

    2. Barry

      As I mentioned earlier, Trump’s actions in Georgia are many- none of them good.

      Rudy Giuliani loses defamation case against him a federal judge has determined. The judge will now set a trial date to determine what damages he will be held liable for – most likely later this year.

      Trump and the Trump campaign publicly accused two election workers in Georgia of illegal activities. Donald Trump called one a “professional vote scammer” and “hustler.”

      Trump supporters piled on with death threats directed at both women.

      A Trump campaign official traveled to Georgia and went to the home of one of the women in order to influence her testimony in the investigation.

      An elderly Lutheran pastor from Ohio also traveled to Georgia to the home of the same woman to influence her testimony. One of the women said she felt violated and threatened by people coming to her home- people she did not know- Trumpers. Both have been charged with illegal activity.

      There was no evidence presented in court, and no evidence was revealed that either woman did anything illegal or violated Georgia election policy. Georgia election officials have consistently maintained their investigation revealed both women followed state policy.

      Trump didn’t care. Neither did his supporters.

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