The Kochs are backing Nikki

Does it seem weird to anyone besides me for the hopes of Republican orthodoxy to rest on her shoulders?

Hey, remember this mailer I wrote about back in August?

It was the one from the Koch organization Americans for Prosperity Action, urging Republicans to dump Trump.

Now, they’ve taken a more substantive step: They’ve made an endorsement:

A conservative-leaning political action committee backed by the influential Koch network is endorsing Nikki Haley for the Republican presidential nomination.

The Americans for Prosperity super-PAC says Haley is best positioned to beat former President Donald Trump in the primary election and President Biden in the general election.

In a letter addressed to “Grassroots Leaders, Activists, and Interested Parties,” Americans for Prosperity Action says it’s throwing its support behind the former South Carolina governor and United Nations Ambassador.

The statement says the Republican party has been choosing “bad candidates who are going against America’s core principles,” and that Democrats are responding with what it calls “extreme policies.”…

They’re making the move even as, in recent weeks, Nikki’s been making her own moves, rising to battle Ron DeSantis toe-to-toe — for the honor of being in second place, a couple of light years behind Trump.

Interesting. What the boys from Wichita seem to be trying to bring about is a return of the Republican Party, taking it back from you-know-who.

Is that possible? Can they even have a measurable effect in that direction? We’ll see. I wonder. Let’s say these guys could wave a wand and cause Trump to immediately have only one primary opponent. And let’s say every single real Republican left backed that one opponent.

Could they still deny the nomination to the interloper and his barbarian horde?

I hope they’re right to think they can bring that about. And just as fervently, I hope they’re dead wrong that this other person could defeat my main man Joe…

I’m posting this mailer from August because for some reason, it’s not showing up on the previous post…

50 thoughts on “The Kochs are backing Nikki

  1. Brad Warthen Post author

    Um… is anyone able to see those images? I’m not sure what’s going on here…

    Meanwhile… if anyone wants a more in-depth account of these developments, here’s the NYT story. I just gave you the NPR one because you didn’t have to have a subscription to read it…

  2. Ken

    Haley was among those who raised their hands when asked at the debate whether they would support Trump even if he were convicted of a crime. Proving she lacks the judgment to sit in the Oval Office.

    Disqualified !

  3. Doug Ross

    Your man Joe is the underdog in the next election, assuming he makes it that far. I’d bet a decent amount of money that Joe won’t have a second term. Would you bet on Joe right now?
    If he makes it to the fall, it will be quite a spectacle watching him in the debates. He hasn’t had to speak without notes for now than a few well controlled minutes in two years

    1. Brad Warthen Post author

      We’re all betting the entire country on Joe.

      And you know why? Because there’s nobody else.

      Here’s something that might induce me to approve these repetitive posts of yours more often: Each time you feel like going on and on and on about how you don’t like Joe, and he’s not up to snuff, and he’s going to lose… See if you can advocate FOR someone, for something. See if you can offer the world a little hope.

      Don’t keep telling us what you perceive the problem to be. Give us a solution. Who’s your candidate? Who’s going to save the country? Who is qualified and willing and can win?

      Make a positive case, instead of the drip, drip, drip of negativity.

      You’re reminding me lately of Trudy Rubin, the columnist with the Philadelphia Inquirer. I haven’t had access to her stuff for years now, but back maybe 20 years ago, when Mike Fitts was handling op-ed for us, one of us would say, “Here’s an interesting Trudy Rubin column.” The other would say, “What does it say? Let me guess — it says, ‘Oh my God, we’re all gonna die…” She was kind of a downer most days…

      1. Doug Ross

        I’m for Tulsi Gabbard… or maybe now that Mark Cuban has sold the Mavericks for 3.5 billion, if he decided to run… I’ll vote Libertarian otherwise, thank you.. because one loser like Trump is no better than another addle-minded 81 year old. Sorry, I don’t pick least worst to run the country… Joe ain’t it and never was it. Only the truly delusional Joe fanboys would say that he is capable now and four years from now. There isn’t any evidence to the contrary. His staff protects him, his press secretary (perhaps the biggest liar on the planet) actually claims he is as energetic and capable as ANYONE… he can’t handle a cross-country campaign.

        Think about it — if someone (including more than half the country) suggested you were losing it mentally, would you do something to prove otherwise? You know, hold a press conference, speak without a teleprompter, not shuffle off to the Delaware beach to recover every week?? All Joe can do is say “Watch me”… well, I’ve been watching for 3 years and haven’t seen a single moment where I would think he was the best person for the office. Not one. Same for Trump — I’d never vote for him.. not now, not ever. I could support Haley if she wasn’t a typical war monger like the rest of the Republicans. At least she’s got a functioning brain. I’d support Rand Paul in a heartbeat but he won’t run. I’d probably vote for Pete Buttigieg too.. #nevertrump #neverbiden

        I’m hoping when Hunter Biden testifies in front of Congress in a couple weeks that he damages Joe enough to put an end to his 2024 campaign.

    2. Barry

      There is no guarantee a 75+ year old Donald Trump will be around tomorrow.

      There is no guarantee anyone on this blog – most of us over 50 years of age – will be around tomorrow- for the next 4 years – or even next year.

        1. Brad Warthen Post author

          I think actuarial tables would tell you that Barry would last longer in the daily grind of the presidency than Joe has.

          But individuals aren’t governed by prevailing tendencies…

        2. Barry

          Actuarial tables would suggest my mom would have outlived my dad. She didn’t.

          Actuarial tables would have suggested that both my grandmothers would have outlived both my grandfathers. They didn’t.

          There are reasons to support or not support rotten politicians. Age is not my concern with old Joe Biden versus old Donald Trump.

    1. Robert Amundson

      My Women in Charge Filipina Ana Liza likes her “Big Boy” SKA:
      I need a big boy – I want a big boy
      With polar bear arms
      Keeps me warm when there’s a storm
      When the chill is biting but his jacket’s unzipped
      He bring in my groceries in just one trip
      Till the sun comes back I need a big boy hottie
      Makes his own heat with his big boy body
      For the next three months skinny boys is dead
      Forget a six-pack, I need the whole damn keg
      Big boy, with a big boy back
      California king, refrigerator set
      With steaks on steaks on steak on steaks
      Bit of bacon, cheese and lasagna in the training
      Need an enormous man, feeds me snacks with his enormous hands
      I hope he asks me to be his winter wife
      Cause messing with a big boy will change your life.

      Somehow I picked up the nickname “Triple OG.” SMH . . . The A Team; I love it when a plan comes together.

        1. Robert Amundson

          I needed to smile after reading some of the other Blog Posts and listening to the long overdue UN report on the sexual violence.

          I love the Wilson Sisters doing STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN at the Kennedy Center, Jason Bonham on drums with Plant and Page crying. My rate is only $250; but yeah, some radar love. Working on it.

          The seeds of hate are powerful. Please stop watering them world.

    1. Brad Warthen Post author

      I didn’t know she was still available, but I’m with you on the cute.

      But if beauty were the measure, Ségolène Royal would have been elected to run France back in 2007 instead of Nicolas Sarkozy.

      She was kind of amazing. And Sarkozy — that dude wasn’t even tall

      1. Robert Amundson

        I’m cisgender, so I appreciate Kevin’s “latest.” But I do understand your point. Brad cut off comments on some interesting music. Vietnam on orange sunshine, perhaps inhaling Agent Orange. The Pogues. Thanks!

    2. Barry

      Tulsi is more fake than $4 dollar quarter.

      I am shocked- just shocked- to see her on Fox News again in the clip above. LOL.

      No wonder her own district didn’t want her anymore and she quit.

      1. Brad Warthen Post author

        Barry, there’s no point in saying unpleasant things about Tulsi to Doug. You know he likes her. You and he have enough trouble getting along without poking each other that way.

        It would be as if Doug or someone knew how much I like Joe, and came to my blog again and again to monotonously say unpleasant thinks about… Oh, wait. Never mind. 🙂

        Seriously — make the effort to be pleasant…

        1. Barry

          I try- this is me being pleasant…..

          Doug prides himself on saying things- on here as he sees them. ok. No problem.

          I am only doing the same.

            1. Robert Amundson

              Brad’s plea for mutual understanding encourages empathy. Let’s walk in each other’s shoes, fostering peace and respect. By embracing diverse perspectives, we pave the way for harmony. It’s through dialogue and empathy that we bridge gaps, creating a space where understanding and respect can flourish.

            2. Barry

              My own personal preference is for much less censoring of opinions, not more. So hopefully not.

              FWIW- I don’t consider his comments or mine surrounding the topic of his favorite politician to be uncivil.

      2. Doug Ross

        That you don’t like Tulsi is why I feel even more confident about my appreciation for her intelligence, wit, and honesty.

          1. Barry

            I don’t consider Doug’s comment as an example of incivility.

            HIs comment is an expression of the same sentiment I feel about his opinions.

            Doug and I disagree on 99.9% of things. We have totally different world views and totally different values.

          2. Barry

            once more, I didn’t find his comment uncivil

            However, I have learned a lot about the reaction in many quarters to Elon Musk’s threats to tell his customers to go to hades, and how many people are cheering him for it.

            Just read an article about Musk celebrating his honest talk. Read another about a Conservative billionaire who was praising Musk’s approach.

            Obviously, not welcome on here but seems to be very much welcome in a growing number of places.

            1. Brad Warthen Post author

              Well, that’s interesting. You defend Doug in reaction to my comment, and he reaches out to take another little slap at you — which I did not allow.

              Maybe you wouldn’t have minded it. But as much as anything, I keep striving to make this a civil forum less because of the two people swapping insults, and more because of the effect that behavior creates on other readers. I’ve seen too many people go away not because they themselves have been insulted, but because they don’t like being in an environment that has such an unpleasant tone. And I want those folks to stick around…

                1. Brad Warthen Post author

                  It’s simple, all right. It’s just wrong. Everyone deserves civility, unless they’re coming at you with a machete or something. Then, you might have to fight. Otherwise, slashing at each other is inappropriate…

                  1. Brad Warthen Post author

                    Actually, “deserve” isn’t the right word. Deserve’s got nothing to do with it.

                    Nor does the anonymity. If anything “deserved” discourtesy, it would be discourtesy, whether the comment is signed or not. What I was trying to say is that all of us should be better than to meet incivility with more of the same. We have an obligation as civilized people to raise the level. I don’t always live up to that standard, but we should all try…

                    1. Robert Amundson

                      Does Freedom of Speech require an antonym for anonymous, whatever that may be? I don’t understand the “IF” you choose to be anonymous on this blog “THEN” I will not show you courtesy, respect, whatever. Some old binary programming language, but we live in a quantum (qubits)/shades of grey world.

                2. Barry

                  A reminder: the justification of “I deserve it but the other person doesn’t because…..” can be- and has been- used to justify anything and everything.

              1. Barry

                I think keeping the forum civil is fine. But, I think we all understand we live in a different society now.

                Incivility is celebrated by tens of millions. It’s even a sure fire way to actually make significant income in the political and political commentary sphere.

                This is not directed at anyone on here- and I mean that – and this is only an observation: It’s interesting when people get upset personally at being treated in what they consider to be an uncivil manner but cheer that same uncivil behavior when a certain politician does it.

                Many examples of this are seen in social media and talk radio – where individuals seem to get very upset when someone else makes a comment they think is directed at them, but they themselves joyfully celebrate the most crude and even vulgar behavior when it’s directed at other people they don’t like.

                This is often seen in the rationalization that is phrased something like: “Well, I wouldn’t say that but Trump has a good reason for saying it.”

                1. Brad Warthen Post author

                  “I think keeping the forum civil is fine. But, I think we all understand we live in a different society now.”

                  Exactly. And that’s why this blog exists, more than any other reason. It exists as an alternative to the ugly madness of our time.

                  Welcome to the Resistance

                    1. Brad Warthen Post author

                      It’s a very good word, “vicarious.”

                      My favorite word I ever learned in school is… drumroll… “esoteric.” I think I learned it from Catch-22, in which it occurs (quickly checking Google Books) twice. And why were we reading Catch-22 in school? Because the lovely Mrs. Burchard, my English teacher, was really cool, and let us suggest books to study. I suggested Catch-22 (having just read and enjoyed it at the time), and we read that and Cat’s Cradle and Stranger In A Strange Land, along with Wuthering Heights (which I also enjoyed) and several Ibsen plays.

                      Another word I enjoyed learning from that book was “callipygian,” which appealed to me in a 16-year-old, Beavis and Butthead kind of way. For awhile, I worked it into conversation whenever I could — which isn’t easy, I can tell you.

                      But back to “esoteric.” It was a word I had wanted for years. It expressed something I had often wanted to say, but lacked the vocabulary. So I’ve used that a lot ever since…

                  1. Barry

                    Trevian Kutti- one of 15 co-defendants in the Georgia RICO case against Trump and others has been imitating Trump’s defense strategy online.

                    Kutti, who is accused of threatening a Georgia election worker at her home, took to social media on November 26 to tell the worker that she (Kutti) was going to “F$$$ up her life when this is done”

                    Kutti’s attorney says her post was fine- and wasn’t a threat.

                    Kutti has also threated legal action against the website that posted her social media post and the writer who wrote an article about it.

                    Kutti is very popular in online Conservative circles.

                    Today- December 5, 2023

                    Republican Senator Tom Cotton yelled at a Democrat Senator and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs in a classified briefing Tuesday creating a blowback. Eventually, a group of Republicans walked out of the briefing and right toward cameras so they could talk about it.

                    Welcome to civility December 2023.

  4. Doug Ross

    I’m fine with people who use association with the remaining Koch brother as some form of litmus test as long as they accept the opinion of people who don’t like politicians who take money from George Soros. It’s the same level of low IQ assessment.. same as the lazy thinkers who use Fox News appearances as meaning anything without even listening to the content.

    1. Brad Warthen Post author

      Oh, I used to hear it all the time when I was at the paper. We had a TV in the gym in the basement, and back in the late 80s and early 90s, before music video died, I used to turn it to MTV or VH1, if they were running straight videos.

      After they stopped doing that (what was it, about 1993), I would turn it on and not worry about what it was tuned to. And very often, it was on Fox News. But since I don’t view ANY cable-news station as a serious source of information, I didn’t pay much attention…

    2. Robert Amundson

      Blaming those with opposing views fuels conflict. Acceptance of diverse opinions is crucial. Pointing fingers at others, based on affiliations or funding sources, hinders constructive dialogue. Engaging in meaningful conversations, devoid of blame, can bridge gaps and foster understanding. Let’s encourage open-mindedness instead of perpetuating a cycle of contrarianism.

    3. Barry

      “same as the lazy thinkers who use Fox News appearances as meaning anything without even listening to the content.”

      Nothing lazy about it. In fact, as usual, it’s the opposite of what Doug wrote.

      Lazy is watching Fox News or other cable news shows and thinking it’s a fair-minded discussion of ideas and thought or that serious people appear on such shows while openly mocking people that don’t agree with them.

      People who run to the most polarizing cable news outlets should never be taken seriously when they do so and insult other people like Tulsi Gabbard did, especially one that just settled a 750+ million dollar lawsuit for lying to their own audience – and is neck deep in another lawsuit for lying to their audience.

      Now, if these folks want to be taken seriously and positively contribute to ideas and serious discussions about policy, there are a number of options that they can choose over extreme hosts on Fox News (or other cable networks)- especially over appearing on a show that is 100% focused on insulting people that don’t agree with the host of the show.

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