Staton his case

This is just getting too trendy.

S.C. Superintendent of Education candidate Bob Staton has started a blog. Well, it’s sort of a blog — only three posts so far. But you can check it out, if you’re so inclined.

I think I’ll put it on my links, and then start adding other candidate links as they are brought to my attention. I’ve seen a few other sites so far and neglected to save the URLs. I guess the word "blog" grabbed my attention on this one.

So the gimmick worked.

7 thoughts on “Staton his case

  1. Roy

    This guy has been part of the problem for the last 8 or so years, now all of a sudden he has all the answers. What we need is a new broom with a vision for where we need to be and the fortitude to get us there.
    Karen Floyd is all the things this guy would like to be. She is an inteligent,resourseful,visionary who has proven her ability to get the job done both in business and government.
    Do we want more Tenenbaum or do our children deserve better.

  2. Michael Reese

    Whatever dude, just check out the Karen Floyd facts on my website, it will become very obvious the real reason why she is running for Supt. of Ed. and very obvious how super unqualified she is.

  3. Frank

    I don’t see anything about Karen Floyd that would indicate she is especially “inteligent” [sic], “resourseful” [sic] or a visionary in business or government. Considering her campaign pledge is to, if elected, hand the problems of public education off to someone else ASAP, I’m not so sure why anyone would zero in on her as an especially good pick for Superintendent. Of course, Roy is the most fervent Floyd supporter I’ve seen to date, and Staton out-fundraised Floyd last quarter, so his opinion probably isn’t very representative of the average voter. Judging from his spelling, his intelligence (I hope) isn’t, either.

  4. Bill Brasky

    I am beginning to see the Floyd Camp’s modus operandi here. Every time somebody says anything about her opponent, they go on the negative attack.
    Thanks Roy for the arrogant negativity, but I believe Brad was commenting on a political campaign trying to use a new medium for their communications. FYI, that is very cool that Staton is trying to be on the cutting edge.

  5. Steve

    >Whatever dude, just check out the Karen Floyd
    >facts on my website, it will become very
    >obvious the real reason why she is running
    >for Supt. of Ed. and very obvious how >super
    >unqualified she is.
    >Posted by: Michael Reese
    For the love of God… please… if you are going to point someone to your “blog” to view your comments on the Secretary of Education race, you may want to make sure you can demonstrate some ability with the English language. Your “blog” reads like it was written by a fourth grader. Improper English, “funny” pictures, and blatant misrepresentation of the facts do not constitute analysis.
    Come back when you’ve graduated from middle school.

  6. Laurin

    Democratic Lieutenant Governor Hopeful Robert Barber was actually the first statewide candidate to have a blog. Blogs are definitely an effective campaign tool, and I expect more candidates to follow suit.
    On an unrelated note, no candidate in this race is “unqualified.” This race has some of the most intelligent, well-educated candidates of any statewide race. Thank goodness.

  7. Freeman

    Tim Moultrie is the best candidate in the race–and he is actually a TEACHER, as opposed to a marketing executive, a software developer, or another bureaucrat.
    Check out his campaign site at


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