OK, so who’s FederEST?


o, is the guy who won Wimbledon just like this candidate, only more so?

(Hey, Dave Barry gets away with doing multiple daily posts as insubstantial as this; why can’t I?)


7 thoughts on “OK, so who’s FederEST?

  1. LexWolf

    “(Hey, Dave Barry gets away with doing multiple daily posts as insubstantial as this; why can’t I?)”
    Because I knew Dave Barry. He was a friend of mine. Brad, you’re no Dave Barry.

  2. Brad Warthen

    I suppose the logical extension would be that the person who is FederEST would be holding TWO tennis rackets.
    Or would he, in addition to throwing his head back, be jumping off the ground?
    Or, is he Federer because he actually HAS won something, whereas the one who is just Feder is merely hoping she WILL win something? And in that case, what would the one deserving the superlative be doing that would be greater than either Feder or Federer on that continuum?

  3. Brad Warthen

    Actually, I’ve met Dave on a couple of occasions, but it’s been a long time. Blogging hadn’t been invented then.
    The last time was at the Democratic Convention in 1988. He was telling me about some gag that several people had just pulled on Mike Royko over in the next curtained-off press workspace in the Atlanta World Trade Center.
    Not that we were buddies or anything. To him, I was just some guy who had asked, “What was all that racket about?”

  4. Dave

    On a related subject, have you listened to Sharapova grunt? Just from hitting the little tennis ball. That fascinates me, now, if we could get the good looking female golfers to do that, I may start watching the LPGA events. Wow!!!!!!!!!!

  5. LexWolf

    Federer is probably just someone with a German heritage. He probably had some ancestor who worked with feathers, making down pillows maybe or something. A Federer is someone who feathers something. A Feder is simply the feather.
    Now what would a wart-hen be?
    The Feder woman herself looks like yet another one of those Dems who are so ashamed of their party that you have to get all the way down to the 4th item on her website to kinda get the idea that she might be a Dem.
    We have lots of those here in SC also.

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