Too late — but here’s my bracket


ell, I missed the deadline for getting in my bracket — both to the McCain site and the, uh, less licit arrangement in which I was asked to join — by a few minutes. I have no excuse. I was busy working, which is, of course, no excuse.

But I went ahead and filled it out anyway, so that you can see, once again, how lousy I am at prognostication.

Oh, and if you’re worried that I’m cheating even the slightest bit, I can assure you without fear of any credible contradiction that there is no possibility of that. I haven’t the slightest idea how the first games are going, or even which ones are the first ones. I just raced through the form, looking at the names and the seeds, and writing down winners.

If you doubt me, you don’t understand the extent to which I do not follow sports. I’ll tune in to the league playoffs and World Series as long as the Braves are in the running, and I will pay some attention to the NCAA IF I have filled out a bracket and IF my teams are still in it — which I won’t even investigate until the first games have been played.

I could have turned my bracket in tomorrow to the ool-pay, and nobody’s money would have been in danger. Unfortunately, I don’t have that kind of pull with the local mob.

6 thoughts on “Too late — but here’s my bracket

  1. Brad Warthen

    OK, now that I’ve actually posted a bracket, I am keeping track of the tournament. Sure, I don’t have any money riding on it, but what’s five bucks compared to my spotless reputation for sports savvy (when you have no reputation, it can’t have spots on it, can it)?

    And hey, what’s this? It appears that thus far, I’m 100 percent! With three games in, that is. This could be the beginning of a beautiful reputation, Louie.

  2. Brad Warthen

    Aw, forget it. Duke lost. If the whole natural order of the universe is going to be turned upside-down, how is ANYBODY supposed to make a prediction?

  3. Dave

    I hadnt seen any scores at all but if Duke lost it just made my day. I actually hope they never ever win another game in any sport as fitting justice for the way the school admin handled the Lacrosse players. Guilty until proven innocent. What a complete disgrace for an academic institution Duke is. Sorry to mix sports and this negative issue but someone has to realize how rotten the leaders of a university can really be. Duke makes USC and Clemson look like bastions of virtue.

  4. Trajan

    Ouch, Dave.
    Comparing Duke with USC is quite a stretch.
    Duke suspended their returning QB last year (for the entire year) for lifting parts of a paper off the ‘net. No arrests, mind you.
    USC rewards their QB for assault and a recent blue chip prospect (a two-time offender, mind you) with some community service and PTI.
    Bastions of virtue? USC?
    Keep dreaming.

  5. Dave

    Trajan, Duke is run and staffed by an out of control, politically correct, leftist, diversity is religion crowd. Duke leadership convicted those LaCrosse kids and their coach before the facts were known. Anyone who would send a kid to that overexpensive rathole deserves what they get. I added in USC in a moment of weakness. haha At USC, the football program is like a subsidiary that controls the holding company, so it is an aberration at the school. The soccer players, baseball players, etc. could never get away with what football players do. For the most part, the ones who are getting into trouble won’t be at USC for more than a year.

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