A couple of folks had brought this to my attention in the last few days, but two other bloggers — Tammy of "Seeding Spartanburg" and Laurin Manning — beat me to the blogosphere with it. Make of it what you will. For my part, I won’t be at Karen Floyd’s Dove Shoot, for two reasons. First, I wasn’t invited (unless the invitation’s in my IN box, which needs cleaning out. Second, I’ll be at a Joe Wilson event that just happens to be down the street from me. Besides, near as I can tell, firearms are optional at the thing for Joe.

As long as you’re there, check out Laurin’s next post. It’s about the coolest guy on the statewide ballot in the fall. That’s not an endorsement of Emil DeFelice; I just think his organic, macrobiotic approach is cool, as is the fact that he comments from time to time on this blog — using his full, real name, I might add.

12 thoughts on “Scooped

  1. Randy Ewart

    I assume Cheney won’t be attending.
    Rex courts the college vote with cash bar and live band. Floyd gets an Al-Zarqawi lesson on handling a gun to woo hunters Kerry style. What’s next?
    Maybe Rex will referee 7 year olds playing soccer or he’ll sport a #8 hat at the Poultry Festival. Floyd will ride around in a tank while wearing a helmet or she’ll take salsa lessons at the Cabana in Forest Acres (and Brad will check out her “pins”).

  2. Mark Whittington

    Hey Brad,
    While you’re talking to Joe, would you please ask him what he was doing from 1965 when he became eligible for the draft until 1972 (when the Vietnam War was practically over) when he was finally commissioned in the National Guard? As a veteran, I’m curious as to how he missed action in Vietnam-you know, since he is a big supporter of Bush and all. Did he have “other priorities”? Did he have asthma too? Thanks.

  3. Dave

    Mark, chances are he wasn’t over in Russia demonstrating against his own country, loathing the military, during that time period. But wait, the guy that did that became our President.

  4. Dave

    The pacifist left is horrified at the thought of someone shooting doves and then eating them. Yet, these same people head to the supermarket and bring home the chicken, beef, and pork like other normal people without a thought. Hopefully the left will never lead national security again in this nation. Hey, where can I git me a huntin license?

  5. bud

    My favorite job, worth repeating:
    Q – How do you protect yourself from getting shot by Dick Cheney on a hunting trip?
    A – Wear a North Vietnamese army uniform.

  6. Steve Gordy

    Bud, it’s hopeless asking Dave or Lee to explain why a) no witnesses to W’s “tour of duty” in Alabama have turned up and b) why Joe waited until Vietnam was essentially over and done with to go into uniform. As long as they can attack Clinton, they won’t answer.

  7. slickstersc

    Ok, Whats wrong with Karen Shooting delicous little birds? Sounds to me like we just have a little problem with Republicans period, now dont we.

  8. Captain Worley

    When are you going to start putting your ‘mean face’ in as your editorial photo in the paper?

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